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Quest Software Buys Data Manager Erwin

Jan 5, 2021 |

Quest Software has acquired big data management specialist Erwin Inc., upgrading the buyer’s data toolset aimed at application deployment with regulatory compliance.

Quest, Aliso Viejo, Calif., said Tuesday (Jan. Read more…

From Data Chaos to Data Governance to Mitigate Risks and Harness Results

Dec 7, 2020 |


Knowing what data you have and where it lives is complicated. You need to create and sustain an enterprise-wide view of and easy access to underlying metadata, but that’s a tall order with numerous data types and data sources that were never designed to work together and data infrastructures that have been cobbled together over time with disparate technologies, poor documentation and little thought for downstream integration. Read more…

Surviving Radical Disruption with Data Intelligence

Nov 2, 2020 |


It’s no secret that data has grown in volume, variety and velocity, with 2.5 quintillion bytes generated every day and 90 percent of the world’s data volume created just in the last two years. Read more…