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Future Proofing Data Pipelines

Apr 28, 2021 |

Data pipelines are critical structures for moving data from its source to a destination. For decades, companies have used data pipelines to move information, such as from transactional with analytic systems. Read more…

Why AI Is Failing for Enterprises: Predetermination Bias

Apr 12, 2021 |

Our best practices for managing data are ancient. Literally.

For tens of thousands of years we’ve managed the future by predetermining the resources we think we’ll need, limiting our futures to what we can foresee. Read more…

Informatica Accelerates DataOps with Spark, GPUs

Mar 15, 2021 |

Informatica today announced that customers can see up to a 5x performance boost for ETL and data management workloads when they run them under its new cloud-based data integration engine that’s powered by Apache Spark and Nvidia GPUs. Read more…

Precisely to Expand M&A After Being Acquired in $3.5 Billion Deal

Mar 5, 2021 |

Precisely, previously known as Syncsort, will be acquired by Clearlake Capital and TA Associates in a deal that values the data integrity company at $3.5 billion, it was announced this week. Read more…

Matillion Rides Cloud ETL to $100 Million Round

Feb 16, 2021 |

Buoyed by 400 enterprise customers in the Snowflake data warehouse alone, ETL provider Matillion has been on a roll, with growth accelerating into the second half of 2020. With today’s $100 million Series D round, the Anglo-American company sees a clear path ahead to expand its cloud footprint and grow its data integration business around the world. Read more…

Octopai Brings ETL Reverse-Engineering Tool to Azure Data Factory

Jan 19, 2021 |

If you want to make good data-driven decisions, it’s critical for your data to be as accurate as possible. But ensuring the accuracy of data can be a difficult task in large enterprise environments with thousands of combinations of data sources, transformations, tables, and reports. Read more…

Cloud Is the New Center of Gravity for Data Warehousing

Jan 8, 2021 |

The great migration of data into the cloud didn’t start in 2020, but it certainly accelerated throughout the year. And according to a new survey from IDG, the overwhelming majority of companies are planning to expand their investments in cloud data warehouses and data lakes in 2021. Read more…

AWS Bolsters Its Lakehouse

Dec 7, 2020 |

Amazon Web Services wants you to create data silos to ensure you get the best performance when processing data. AWS also wants to help unify your data to ensure that insights don’t fall between the cracks. Read more…

Snowflake Extends Its Data Warehouse with Pipelines, Services

Nov 17, 2020 |

Customers running atop Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse soon will find new functionality, including the ability to build ETL data pipelines in Python, as well as the ability to expose pre-built analytic routines as data services. Read more…

Fivetran Launches Pay-As-You-Go Option for ETL

Sep 14, 2020 |

Fivetran wants to make it “stupidly simple” for customers to load data into cloud data warehouses, and judging from the company’s rapid growth, it seems to be working. Last week, the extract, transformation, and load (ETL) service company doubled-down on the simplicity mantra with a new plan that lets data customers pay by the sip. Read more…