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From Spiders to Elephants: The History of Hadoop

Apr 15, 2015 |

Have you ever wonder where this thing called Hadoop came from, or even why it’s here? Marko Bonaci has wondered such things, too. In fact, he wondered about them so much that he decided to write a History of Hadoop chapter for his upcoming book, “Spark in Action.” Read more…

NGDATA Nets $3.3 Million, Adds Cutting to Advisory Board

Sep 25, 2013 |NGDATA announced this week that they’ve taken in a $3.3 million funding round for their Hadoop-based customer intelligence management offering. The company also announced some board member announcements, including the father of Hadoop, Doug Cutting. Read more…

Hadoop Distros Orbit Around Solr

Jun 4, 2013 |With recent announcements, the open source search tool, Solr has become a notable focus of at least two Hadoop distro vendors. MapR and Cloudera have recently made announcements addressing the need for easier access to the data across the organization using search using the popular Apache Solr as a foundation. Read more…