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Tag: discovery

How the Machine Learning Catalogs Stack Up

Jul 12, 2018 |

You can’t do anything with data – let alone use it for machine learning – if you don’t know where it is. In the age of big data, this is not a trivial matter. Read more…

IBM Hits the Throttle on Big Data Discovery With New Lab

Oct 10, 2013 |Aiming to hasten the pace of discovery for its clients, IBM today announced the launch of its newest big data proving ground. Designated the “Accelerated Discovery Lab,” the new venture aims to leverage IBM’s significant computing capabilities to help clients open the throttle on their big data discovery processes. Read more…

Watson: Coming to a Cloud Near You

Mar 11, 2013 |The cognitive computer known as Watson will soon be available as a service in the cloud. For now, we'll resist calling this "WaaS" and opt instead to point it as another step along the path of creating more robust, big data-ready cloud services. Read more…

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