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Databricks CEO on Streaming Analytics, Deep Learning, and SQL

Oct 11, 2016 |

As Apache Spark continues to gain steam, so too does Databricks, the company behind the popular distributed processing framework. At the recent Strata + Hadoop World conference, we caught up with Databricks CEO and co-founder Ali Ghodsi to get the latest scoop on advances in the Spark world. Read more…

Apache Spark Adoption by the Numbers

Jun 8, 2016 |

It’s been about three years since Apache Spark burst onto the big data scene and became one of the hottest technologies on the planet. Judging by the numbers surrounding Spark’s adoption—including things like salaries, attendance, and committers–the future of Spark looks quite bright. Read more…

Spark 2.0 to Introduce New ‘Structured Streaming’ Engine

Feb 25, 2016 |

The folks at Databricks last week gave a glimpse of what’s to come in Spark 2.0, and among the changes that are sure to capture the attention of Spark users is the new Structured Streaming engine that leans on the Spark SQL API to simplify the development of real-time, continuous big data apps. Read more…

Spark Streaming: What Is It and Who’s Using It?

Nov 30, 2015 |

A recent study of over 1,400 Spark users conducted by Databricks, the company founded by the creators of Spark, showed that compared to 2014, 56 percent more Spark users globally ran Spark Streaming applications in 2015. Read more…

Apache Spark Gets IBM Mainframe Connection

Sep 1, 2015 |

IBM’s recent embrace of Apache Spark is beginning to generate dividends in the form of open source contributions for a mainframe big data link to Spark.

Big data software vendor Syncsort, Woodcliff Lake, N.J., said Tuesday (Sept. Read more…

Spark 1.5 to Incorporate ‘Tungsten’ Upgrades

Aug 25, 2015 |

A preview release of the Apache Spark open source in-memory processing framework incorporates major performance upgrades, according to Databricks Inc., the big data processing company founded by Spark’s creators.

Databricks said Aug. Read more…

IBM, Databricks Join Forces to Advance Spark

Jun 15, 2015 |

IBM has jumped on the Apache Spark bandwagon, revealing it would throw its considerable weight behind the open source in-memory processing framework that has been gaining momentum over the last year. Read more…

Apache Spark Ecosystem Continues To Build

Feb 25, 2015 |

Apache Spark was everywhere at the recent Strata + Hadoop World conference. From Tableau’s new Spark interface to the new Spark as a service (SaaS) offerings and Intel’s new Spark initiative, the big data framework was very hard to miss. Read more…

Apache Spark Continues to Spread Beyond Hadoop

Feb 13, 2015 |

Apache Spark is most often thought of as a faster replacement for MapReduce, the batch-oriented programming framework that enabled first-gen Hadoop to catch traction 10 years ago. Indeed, Spark was initially created with Hadoop in mind. Read more…

Where Does Spark Go From Here?

Jul 11, 2014 |

The excitement behind Apache Spark reached an apex last week during the 2014 Spark Summit put on by Databricks, the company behind the in-memory analytics phenomenon. With a large community of users and growing support from software vendors, the future for Spark certainly appears bright. Read more…

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