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New Data.World Report Finds a Technique For Making LLMs 3x More Accurate in Answering Business Questions

The coming year is expected to be a breakout year for generative AI, especially for organizational AI readiness. While the race to drive business value from Large Language Models (LLMs) is at an all-time high, there are Read more… Aims to Rethink Data Catalogs

What is a data catalog? If you answered that it’s simply an index that tells you where to find data, then Brett Hurt would like a word with you. As the co-founder and CEO of, Hurt is looking to redefine what Read more…

Blowing Up Silos In a Big Data World

A startup named is embarking upon a grand experiment to build a collaborative data platform that links together data, people, and their analytic tools. By eradicating data silos and building a social community Read more…