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Opening Up Black Boxes with Explainable AI

May 30, 2018 |

One of the biggest challenges with deep learning is explaining to customers and regulators how the models get their answers. In many cases, we simply don’t know how the models generated their answers, even if we’re very confident in the answers themselves. Read more…

Why Developers Need to Think Like Data Scientists

May 18, 2018 |

Data is growing faster than is even fathomable. By 2020, roughly 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet. Given the immense amount of data, it’s no wonder there is a call in all industries for talent that can collect and analyze the data. Read more…

What Kind of Data Scientist Are You?

Mar 15, 2018 |

If you’ve worked with the data science community, you’ve probably interacted with data scientists and formed a definition for the increasingly popular position. But it turns out, not all data scientists are alike, and according to a recent analysis by researchers at UCLA and Microsoft, there are actually nine different types of data scientists. Read more…

ParallelM Aims to Close the Gap in ML Operationalization

Feb 21, 2018 |

A startup named ParallelM today unveiled new software aimed at alleviating data scientists from the burden of manually deploying, monitoring, and managing machine learning pipelines in production.

Dubbed MLOps, ParallelM‘s software helps to automate many of the operational tasks required to turn a machine learning model from a promising piece of code running nn Spark, Flink, TensorFlow, or PyTorch processing engines into a secure, governed, and production-ready machine learning system. Read more…

Spark’s New Deep Learning Tricks

Jun 7, 2017 |

Imagine being able to use your Apache Spark skills to build and execute deep learning workflows to analyze images or otherwise crunch vast reams of unstructured data. That’s the gist behind Deep Learning Pipelines, a new open source package unveiled yesterday by Databricks. Read more…

Why Big Data and Data Scientists Are Overrated

Jun 2, 2017 |

What does it take to get value out of data? Many organizations assume that you need a big collection of data and a highly skilled data scientist to spin all those 1s and 0s into dollar signs. Read more…

Data Science Platforms Seen as Difference-Makers

Jan 23, 2017 |

How will data scientists work in the future? Based on today’s trends and a new survey by Forrester, it seems likely that much of the work that data scientists do will revolve around centralized platforms that help to organize not just the data and the tools, but data scientists themselves. Read more…

10 Signs of a Bad Data Scientist

Apr 19, 2016 |

Data scientists are in hot demand and companies that previously didn’t even know what the job entailed are now scouring the world for the very best. The problem is, what is the best? Read more…

Finding Long-Term Solutions to the Data Scientist Shortage

Mar 28, 2016 |

As we learned in the first part of this series, the gap between demand for skilled data scientists and supply is driving salaries north of $200,000 in some areas of the country. Read more…

How Data Scientists Are the New Backbone of Storage Infrastructure

Feb 26, 2016 |

Today’s IT teams have enough on their hands managing data-storage infrastructures, without having to worry about issues with an array or latency problems that no one seems to be able to understand or solve. Read more…

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