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‘Distributed Stewardship’ Seen as Path to Data Democratization

Mar 17, 2021 |

Okera made its mark on the big data map by providing a universal access layer that gives administrators a single place to control what data users can access, no matter what tools or data sources they’re using. Read more…

Okera Bolsters Access Control for Unstructured Data

Mar 7, 2019 |

Some of the most interesting data that’s analyzed by organizations is unstructured data, including images, videos, and text files. But the lack of structure of that data poses regulatory challenges to organizations, which face potential legal jeopardy if consumer data rights are violated. Read more…

China Ahead on AI Strategy, Behind on Data Access

Jul 30, 2018 |

Policy makers continue to bemoan the fact that the U.S., unlike its economic rivals, lacks a coherent government strategy for accelerating AI development and adoption. While the Trump administration has taken some early steps toward forging a strategy based on coordinating federal and industry research, critics argue that further delays place the U.S. Read more…

Transforming ‘Data Swamps’ into Data Lakes

Jul 17, 2018 |

Data lakes and the growing number of analytics tools emerging to access their contents are expanding the universe of business users able to reap insights via what a new survey calls “point-and-click” accessibility. Read more…

Okera Emerges from Stealth with Big Data Fabric

May 23, 2018 |

While data platforms like Hadoop and object stores like S3 have become popular places for organizations to stash massive amounts of data, the platforms haven’t solved companies’ data management challenges. Read more…

RDBMS Remains Popular As Data Sources Grow

Sep 6, 2017 |

As the number and variety of data sources continues to explode along with proliferation of third party APIs used to connect it, data repositories such as relational databases continue to thrive while emerging software services and tools are accelerating the shift to “open analytics,” Read more…

Zettaset Patents Data Access Approach

Jun 26, 2015 |

Big data security specialist Zettaset said it has been awarded a U.S. patent for a technique designed to boost data access and performance in distributed computing frameworks like Hadoop and NoSQL. Read more…

CFOs Cling to Excel, ‘Gut’ Instincts

Jun 17, 2015 |

Despite the waterfall of information piling up in corporate databases every business day, a new survey of chief financial officers finds there is actually a “data deficit” when it comes to making decisions based on quick access to that data. Read more…