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Cybersecurity Grabs the Big Data Spotlight

Jan 11, 2017 |

For all the good that big data can bring your company, it also introduces certain risks. Thanks to a growing awareness about the importance of cybersecurity as a result of recent high-profile breaches, businesses will have a harder time ignoring these risks in 2017, technology executives say. Read more…

Machine Learning Enlisted to Fight Ransomware

Jun 14, 2016 |

Everyone seemingly is complaining about the spread of ransomware, and now somebody is trying to do something about it using machine learning-based behavioral analytics techniques to track suspicious behavior on company networks. Read more…

Why ONI May Be Our Best Hope for Cyber Security Now

May 9, 2016 |

Huge volume of network data has made it all but impossible for the good guys to detect new security threats, which has created space for the bad guys to operate. Read more…

Why Machine Learning Is Our Last Hope for Cybersecurity

Apr 21, 2016 |

Fraud detection. Customer recommendations. Search engine results.  These use cases–and so many more–all owe a debt to machine learning. By automatically discovering patterns that lead to insights and creating predictive models that drive actions, the technology has proven its value many times, and to many industries.  Read more…

Big Data Spreading Everywhere Like Air, Deloitte Says

Jan 13, 2016 |

For some, the downward trend of the term “big data” on Web word counters and disappearance off hype curves is an indication that the phenomenon has past, that big data is now neither a problem to be solved nor an opportunity to be taken advantage of. Read more…

3D Visualizer Goes from Cybersecurity to Open Source

Aug 4, 2014 |

A 3D visualization tool developed by the network security firm OpenDNS to identify malicious websites and domains will soon be available to anybody via open source license. While OpenGraphiti was developed to solve problems in the security realm, the GPU-powered software can be used to visualize large datasets for any use case. Read more…

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