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Oracle Rolls Out ‘Autonomous Data Warehouse’

Mar 28, 2018 |

Oracle Corp. released the first of what it says will be a string of cloud platform services based on machine learning that are designed to differentiate the cloud upstart from public cloud giant Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: Read more…

DHS Funds Cyber Data Research

Feb 26, 2018 |

Federal cyber defenders are taking a data-centric approach in their efforts to boost cyber defense research, distributing more than $5.6 million in contracts focused on new ways to collect data on hacking attempts that can eventually be used to counter those threats. Read more…

AI-Based Cyber Platform Hunts Malware

Jul 25, 2017 |

JASK, developers of a proactive framework for hunting down cyber threats, unleashed its AI-based security platform this week that seeks to give security teams the upper hand in defending networks using automation tools for sorting through security threats and speeding detecting malicious behavior. Read more…

Data, Security Frameworks Emerge For IoT

Dec 13, 2016 |

The U.S. requires a national strategy to coordinate private sector efforts to deploy the Internet of Things (IoT) that includes data security and interoperability standards, according to a report released this week by the Center for Data Innovation. Read more…

Cognitive Security Seen as Filling Cyber Gaps

Nov 7, 2016 |

Along with growing cyber threats and the need to respond in real time, the sheer volume of information that must be parsed is fueling the requirement for automating the sifting of threat data. Read more…

Gartner: Role of Analytics in Security is Growing

Jun 15, 2016 |

As corporate and, more recently, university IT networks are bombarded with malicious code and other forms of cyber attacks, network managers are being forced to rely more heavily on a range of emerging security technologies to monitor suspicious activity on networks and cloud infrastructure. Read more…

Startup Enlists AI to Predict Cyber Threats

Feb 3, 2016 |

While major players are increasingly emphasizing human “intelligence-led” approaches to cyber security, artificial intelligence along with advanced analytics continue to make inroads in the “threat intelligence” market.

Among the AI startups is Jask, which emerged from stealth mode this week after raising $2 million in seed financing in a funding round led by Battery Ventures. Read more…

Protecting Data Integrity Against the New Cyber Threat

Jan 25, 2016 |

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and their impact can be immense. Considering the financial effect that a major data breach can have on a company, information security has become a critical function for reducing the risk and the potential impact of these incidents. Read more…

Big Data at the Heart of a New Cyber Security Model

Jul 3, 2013 |Just as the new world of big data provides cover for cyber attackers, big data is also the only answer for devising a next-gen security system that can cope with emerging threats, RSA executive chairman Art Coviello said at a conference last week. Read more…

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