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Hadoop Engines Compete in Comcast Query ‘Smackdown’

Jun 22, 2017 |

Who rules the ring when it comes to Hadoop SQL query engine performance? Can flashy newcomers like Presto and Spark take an established giant like MapReduce to the matt? Comcast recently held a competition to crown the best Hadoop engine, and the answer may surprise you. Read more…

Why Spark Is Proving So Valuable for Data Science in the Enterprise

Feb 29, 2016 |

What do Bloomberg, CapitalOne, and Comcast have in common? If you said they’re operationalizing data science using Apache Spark, then give yourself a gold star. These companies shared their stories of the upstart analytics toolbox during the recent Spark Summit East conference, and as the stories show, Spark is not only helping enterprises achieve analytic dreams, but they’re accelerating the development of Spark along the way. Read more…

Comcast Develops Advanced Advertising Platform to Handle Real Time Big Data

Sep 15, 2014 |

In conjunction with MapR, Datanami presents Comcast with this month’s “Big Data All Star” award.

Comcast is working with national, regional and local advertisers to use data in meaningful and privacy-compliant ways to inform their advertising strategies and maximize their advertising spend. Read more…

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