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Tag: climate

NOAA Launches Big Data Project

May 6, 2015 |

A big data project launched by the U.S. Commerce Department brings together major cloud analytics vendors and the Open Cloud Consortium to develop infrastructure needed to access the more than 20 terabytes of satellite weather data generated each day. Read more…

Inside Europe’s “Super Data Cluster”

Apr 30, 2012 |Climate and atmospheric data is the key to solving complex global warming mysteries, understanding weather and global climate trends, and interpreting atmospheric events and their implications. As the number of sources grow, resources like Europe's "super-data-cluster" the.... Read more…

Weathering Risk Management Data

Apr 9, 2012 |When it comes to data science, few areas create the demand for sophisticated big data tools quite like climate studies and risk management. For a company that blends the two of these difficult areas of research, the data management complexities are.... Read more…