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Micron Bridges Memory Bandwidth Gap for ML

Feb 26, 2020 |

Deep learning accelerators based on chip architectures coupled with high-bandwidth memory are emerging to enable near real-time processing of machine learning algorithms. Memory chip specialist Micron Technology argues that hardware accelerators linked to higher memory densities are the best way to accelerate “memory bound” AI applications. Read more…

Big Science and the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Mar 12, 2013 |The discovery of the Higgs Boson particle last year was hailed as the scientific breakthrough of 2012, but for those with a vested interest in big data, the project may be the gift that keeps on giving. Read more…

Solving Big Data Storage at CERN

Nov 22, 2011 |As a research facility that seeks to understand the universe itself, CERN is churning away at problems at generate over 25 petabytes of information each year. This week a tape story found its way out of the center via an announcement from SpectraLogic. Read more…

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