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Tag: case studies

How These Banking, Energy, and Pharma Firms Use Spark

Jan 20, 2017 |

Few frameworks have gained so much popularity as quickly as Apache Spark.  The open source technology may not be ubiquitous yet in the analytics world, but it’s fast approaching that point. Read more…

Three Unique Ways Machine Learning Is Being Used In the Real World

Nov 18, 2015 |

Machine learning has emerged as the key technology enabling predictive analytic uses cases upon big data. Accompanying that emergence is a set of common use cases, such as fraud detection in credit card processing and product recommendation in retail. Read more…

IBM: Five Use Cases Driving Big Data Adoption

Mar 13, 2013 |There are at least five game changing use cases for big data that will drive the adoption and implementation of the trend in organizations throughout the world for the foreseeable future. Read more…

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