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Graph Query Engine Claims Record

Dec 9, 2016 |

Cambridge Semantics, the graph-based provider of analytics and data management services, claimed a benchmark record this week for database query performance running on a public cloud platform.

The Boston-based analytics vendor said Wednesday (Dec. Read more…

Big Performance Gains Seen Across SQL-on-Hadoop Engines

Oct 18, 2016 |

You can’t really go wrong these days when it comes to picking a SQL-on-Hadoop engine. As long as you stick to the mainstream open source products like Hive, Impala, Spark SQL, and Presto, your SQL queries are likely running 2-4x faster than they did earlier this year, without changing your queries or buying more hardware. Read more…

Big Data Benchmark Gauges Hadoop Platforms

Jun 1, 2016 |

In another indication of a maturing technology and growing demand, an industry group has released a big data analytics benchmark designed to gauge the performance of Hadoop-based systems.

The Transaction Processing Performance Council said this week its TPCx-BB benchmark for big data analytics systems covers systems such as MapReduce, Apache Hive, Apache Spark and Machine Learning Library, or MLib. Read more…

Spark Takes On Dataflow in Benchmark Test

May 2, 2016 |

Google Cloud Dataflow crunched data two to five times faster than Apache Spark in a benchmark test of batch analytics performed by Mammoth Data. While Dataflow’s raw power is impressive, don’t throw in the towel on Spark just yet. Read more…

New TPC Benchmark Puts an End to Tall SQL-on-Hadoop Tales

Dec 17, 2015 |

You take certain things for granted in the big data world. Data will continue to grow at a geometric rate. Amazing new technologies will regularly appear out of nowhere. And software vendors will squabble endlessly over whose SQL-on-Hadoop engine is fastest and best. Read more…

Does InfiniBand Have a Future on Hadoop?

Aug 4, 2015 |

Hadoop was created to run on cheap commodity computers connected by slow Ethernet networks. But as Hadoop clusters get bigger and organizations press the upper limits of performance, they’re finding that specialized gear, such as solid state drives and InfiniBand networks, can pay dividends. Read more…

Spark Smashes MapReduce in Big Data Benchmark

Oct 10, 2014 |

Databricks today released benchmark results for Apache Spark running the Sort Benchmark, a competition for measuring the sorting performance of large clusters. Spark running on Hadoop sorted 100 TB of data in 23 minutes, three times faster than the previous record held by Yahoo using MapReduce on Hadoop. Read more…

TPC Crafts More Rigorous Hadoop Benchmark From TeraSort Test

Aug 18, 2014 |

While Moore’s Law has made computing and storage capacity less expensive with each passing year, the amount of data that companies are storing and the number and sophistication of the algorithms that they want to employ on that data to perform analytics is growing faster than the prices are dropping. Read more…

Live from SC11: Data Intensive System Showdown

Nov 16, 2011 |The results of a relatively new benchmark that falls under the purview of the Graph500 effort were announced at the annual Supercomputing conference in Seattle, showcasing the prowess of IBM and others in tackling data-intensive problems. Read more…

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