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Tag: availability

Aerospike Delivers Multi-Site Clustering in DB 5

May 12, 2020 |

Aerospike today announced support for multi-site clustering in version 5 of its eponymous NoSQL database, giving customers the capability to deploy a single database across multiple geographically dispersed data centers without compromising data consistency or availability. Read more…

HPE Guarantees 100% Uptime with Primera Storage

Jun 18, 2019 |

Enterprises will no longer need to compromise between agility and reliability when it comes to their high-end storage environments according to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which today unveiled Primera, a new high-end storage array that’s essentially self-managing and uses AI techniques to deliver 100% reliability guaranteed. Read more…

Data Management Falls Short for Unstructured Data

Jan 31, 2019 |

Although data-centric enterprises have adequate strategies in place for managing their structured data, current tools are not sufficient for managing the recent wave of unstructured data growth, according to a new report. Read more…

Cloudera Plots Enterprise Invasion

Jun 11, 2012 |In the wake of their latest platform release and a beefed-up enterprise offering that they claim boosts availability and stunts other concerns about Hadoop for mission-critical operations (security, monitoring and management), we talked at length with Cloudera's Vice President of Technology Solutions, Omer Trajman, to see how the Hadoop and enterprise.... Read more…
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