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COVID-19 Roundup: Apple, Palantir, Rolls-Royce & More

Apr 21, 2020 |

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, big data and AI have emerged as crucial tools for everything from diagnosis and epidemiology to therapeutic and vaccine development. Here, we collect the latest news in how big data is fighting back against COVID-19. Read more…

Apple Releases Turi ML Software as Open Source

Dec 11, 2017 |

Apple last week released Turi Create, an open source package that it says will make it easy for mobile app developers to infuse machine learning into their products with just a few lines of code. Read more…

Apple Puts a ‘Neural Engine’ Inside the iPhone

Sep 14, 2017 |

Deep learning is integrated into Apple’s new iPhone X in a big way. In fact, the company has embedded deep learning capabilities right into the hardware with its new A11 Bionic chip, a CPU-GPU combo processor that Apple calls a “neural engine.” Read more…

Tech Startups Wary of Big Data Legal Hassles

May 31, 2016 |

At least part of the technological and political blowback from the recent legal battle between the FBI and Apple over government access to encrypted data is a shift among some Silicon Valley startups away from retaining large amounts of customer and other data. Read more…

Apple’s Mapsense Deal Continues Location Data Push

Sep 23, 2015 |

Apple’s acquisition of the mapping visualization startup Mapsense adds to the growing momentum behind analyzing and rendering location data.

According to multiple reports, Apple (AAPL) acquired the San Francisco-based startup recently for an estimated $30 million. Read more…

Why Apple Isn’t Biting on ‘Data for Discounts’ Model

Jul 7, 2015 |

Apple is the most valuable company in the history of the world, with millions of loyal customers using its devices and software to communicate and connect to the Internet. Despite being in prime situation to mine its customer’s data for even bigger profits, Apple steadfastly refuses to partake of the “data for discounts” Read more…

What Apple’s Purchase of FoundationDB Would Mean for NoSQL

Mar 30, 2015 |

Apple raised some eyebrows in the big data space last week when it was reported that it’s buying NoSQL database developer FoundationDB. For some, the move signaled the emergence of a new group of highly scalable NoSQL database vendors that could challenge the “Big 3” Read more…

Inside the Mind of a Data Artist

Mar 26, 2012 |Back in November, New York-based educator and data-slinging artist Jer Thorp spoke at a Ted event in his native country about the weight of information and how a childhood experience led him down the path of rethinking visualization of bits.... Read more…