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Tag: APIs

HPE Doubles Down on Analytics, Machine Learning

Mar 10, 2016 |

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) rolled out a new version of its enterprise search and analytics platform with an increased focus on unstructured data. In parallel, it unveiled a new cloud-based new machine learning service aimed at speeding development of enterprise and mobile data applications. Read more…

Mashape Analytics Targets Micro-Services, APIs

Jul 8, 2015 |

As the enterprise market grows for micro-services architectures and associated APIs, a real-time analytics tool is designed to evaluate the performance of APIs and how they function within micro-services.

San Francisco-based Mashape said it previously used the tool internally to analyze the performance of more than 13,000 APIs carried by its online marketplace. Read more…

Wanted: A Plug-In Architecture for Hadoop Development

May 6, 2015 |

Hadoop is hard. There’s just no way around that. Setting up and running a cluster is hard, and so is developing applications that make sense of, and create value from, big data. Read more…

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