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Tag: Apache Flink

Flink: Worth a Second Look

Sep 16, 2016 |

The big data ecosphere has evolved to the point where there are clear technology leaders. In the category of SQL engines that run on Hadoop, Hive and Spark are clearly the dominant products among open source developers. Read more…

Apache Flink Gears Up for Emerging Stream Processing Paradigm

Aug 3, 2016 |

We’re close to the next release of Apache Flink, the stream processing engine developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Flink version 1.1.0 will bring new SQL interface for working with streaming data, while bigger changes, like dynamic scaling, are set for the subsequent release. Read more…

Apache Flink Creators Get $6M to Simplify Stream Processing

Mar 30, 2016 |

Real-time stream processing is one of the hottest topics this week at Strata + Hadoop World, and one of the new frameworks turning heads is Apache Flink. Developed by the German company data Artisans, Flink is unique in that it aims to simplify the big data analytics stack with “streaming first” Read more…

Apache Flink Takes Its Own Route to Distributed Data Processing

Jan 12, 2015 |

Apache Flink, a distributed in-memory data processing framework project born out of Germany, this week graduated the Apache Incubator stage and became a Top-Level Project at the open source software foundation, paving the way for an acceleration of Flink development and deployment. Read more…

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