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Cloudera Runs Real-Time with Impala

Nicole Hemsoth

This week at Strata Hadoop World we sat down Cloudera CEO, Mike Olson, to talk about the company’s recent open sourced effort to add a real-time aspect to Hadoop, thus taking it beyond its batch-only roots. We also hit on emerging issues in the ecosystem, including how their competitive advantages stack up against others in the…Read more


MapR Traces New Routes for HBase

Nicole Hemsoth

This week we spent time with MapR during an event pre-Strata hosted with Google to understand why, HBase is a natural target area since it’s becoming a stable part of many production environments. The company says that around 40% of Hadoop users opt for….Read more


Greenplum, Kaggle Team to Prospect Data Scientists

Ian Armas Foster

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, businesses in the United States alone will be short 140,000 to 190,000 data scientists by the year 2018. Greenplum intends to help solve this problem with a complete open sourcing of their Chorus platform and the resulting partnership with Kaggle, a website which fosters growth in the data science community by hosting data mining competitions among its 57,000 participants…Read more


Searching Big Data’s Open Source Roots

Nicole Hemsoth

The face of search has changed dramatically since the first days of Google and other search engines due to many widely-used open source technologies that enable complex queries across vast sets of multi-structured data. This week we talk with Apache Mahout, Lucene and Solr guru Grant Ingersoll, now Chief Scientist at LucidWorks, about what has…Read more


How Google’s Dremel Makes Quick Work of Massive Data

Ian Armas Foster

Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera, an important Hadoop-based vendor, is looking past Hadoop and toward today’s research projects. That includes one named Dremel, possibly Google’s next big innovation that combines the scale of Hadoop with the ever-increasing speed demands of the business intelligence world….Read more

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