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March 31, 2021

Webinar: Calming the Storm of Cloud Data Management


COVID has created a stampede to the cloud. Recent IDC research revealed that 68% of respondents are accelerating their cloud migrations as a result of pandemic influences.1

Organizations around the world are racing to update their operations, modernize their experiences, and inject desperately needed intelligence to compete in a digital-native world.

Enterprises are also grappling with the growing diversity of cloud data sources they need to integrate. 76% of IDC research participants are consuming three or more data types in their analytics programs2. Between the speed and breadth of change required to keep pace, a storm is brewing for enterprise data teams navigating their way to the cloud.

Join guest speaker Stewart Bond, Research Director of Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software at IDC, as he discusses the latest trends and techniques modern businesses use to help calm the storm.

In this session you will learn:

  • Tips for getting the fastest results from your data in the cloud including how to reduce late delivery incidents by ~50%
  • The top benefits organizations enjoy after their cloud migration
  • How the cloud is disrupting previous paradigms of data management and delivery
  • How a new generation of digital-savvy worker is creating both opportunities and challenges for data teams across their business

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