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How ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ Will Impact Analytics

Jan 8, 2018 |

Organizations ramping up plans to employ big on-premise or cloud-based clusters to crunch big data sets are in for a nasty surprise thanks to the recently disclosed “Spectre” and “Meltdown” Read more…

Why 2018 Will Be All About the Data

Jan 4, 2018 |

Since big data roared onto the public stage in 2012, we’ve seen an accelerating pace of technological progress and prowess. Along with it, tech trends have come and gone. Once a rising star, Hadoop is now settling into a supporting data role while AI now soaks up all the attention. Read more…

Developers Will Adopt Sophisticated AI Model Training Tools in 2018

Jan 3, 2018 |

Training is the make-or-break task in every development project that involves artificial intelligence (AI). Determining an AI application’s fitness for its intended use involves training it with data from the solution domain into which it will be deployed. Read more…

What Will AI Bring in 2018? Experts Sound Off

Jan 2, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence had a breakout year in 2017. But considering the technological and business momentum, AI is poised to have an even bigger year. Here’s a peek at what AI could bring us in 2018 year according to industry and tech experts. Read more…

Top Big Data, AI, and HPC Quotes of 2017

Dec 21, 2017 |

It’s been a fascinating year in advanced scale computing, much of that fascination focused on AI (broadly defined), now firmly established as the leitmotif of the high performance computing sector. Read more…

News In Brief

AWS, Others Seen Moving Off Oracle Databases

Jan 3, 2018 |

The shift to open source database software is reportedly weakening Oracle and other traditional database vendors as major customers like Amazon ready lowest cost alternatives.

Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), which implemented a cloud computing initiative last year, insisted in December that large database customers such as Amazon and Salesforce remain among its roster of Fortune 500 database customers. Read more…

Data Lakes Crest In Drive to Boost Quality

Dec 19, 2017 |

As more data moves to the cloud, the composition of data lakes is shifting to new sources such as NoSQL databases while cloud data repositories emerge amid hybrid deployments, according to a big data survey. Read more…

As Data Quality Declines, Costs Soar

Dec 13, 2017 |

The bigger the data, it appears, the better the chances much of it will be “bad” data.

And that bad data is costing companies a bundle, according to research published in MIT Sloan Management Review. Read more…

MariaDB, Tableau Partner on Multiple Workload Types

Dec 12, 2017 |

MariaDB Corp., the open source database, has been integrated with Tableau Software’s business intelligence and visual analytics platform. The combination means Tableau users could run both operational and transactional workloads, the partners said this week. Read more…

Self-Serve Platform Promotes Collaboration

Dec 12, 2017 |

Among the goals of self-service big data analytics vendors is unifying the entire technology stack to allow business analytics to glean insights from data lakes. Combining the ability to run natively on Hadoop clusters and leveraging existing Spark deployments to preserve technology investments, one player in the self-service platform sector also claims to provide data preparation, visualization and other tools to quickly scan millions of rows and terabytes of scattered data. Read more…

This Just In

Orchard Platform, Experian Collaborate to Help Investors Navigate Big Data

Jul 6, 2017 |

COSTA MESA, Calif. and NEW YORKJuly 6, 2017 — Experian and Orchard Platform, the leading provider of data, technology and software to the online lending industry, have joined together to announce a strategic collaboration that will give institutional investors access to Experian’s depersonalized consumer credit data. Read more…

Fourth Annual MongoDB Innovation Award Winners Announced

Jun 1, 2017 |

NEW YORK and CHICAGO, June 1, 2017 — MongoDB, the database for giant ideas, today announced the 13 winners of the fourth annual MongoDB Innovation Awards. Read more…

IBM to Train Accounting and Finance Professionals in AI and Data Science

May 18, 2017 |

ARMONK, N.Y., May 18, 2017 — IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) today announced a partnership to modernize the accounting profession and prepare accounting and finance professionals for future skills in artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and cognitive computing. Read more…

Information Builders Gives Credit Unions and Community Banks an Analytics Advantage

May 8, 2017 |

NEW YORK, May 8, 2017 — Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that it is helping credit unions and community banks position themselves more competitively against their national and global counterparts through analytics, visualization, and powerful data-driven insights. Read more…

Kx Powers Large-Scale In-Memory Research at Squarepoint Capital

Apr 26, 2017 |

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 26, 2017 — Kx Systems, a subsidiary of First Derivatives (FD) plc, announces that Squarepoint Capital, a global systematic investment manager, has significantly expanded its use of Kx technology for investment research. Read more…