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People to Watch 2016

Alex Pentland
Professor and Director of the MIT Human Dynamics Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alex Pentland Image

Alex “Sandy” Pentland is currently a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and directs the MIT Human Dynamics Lab, which uses big data to better understand human society. Alex is at the forefront in figuring out how human-generated data “exhaust” can be put to use in a way that’s beneficial to humanity—not just to boost corporate efficiency and profitably. He was named by Forbes as one of the seven most powerful data scientists in the world and is a powerful force for data transparency. Alex is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded more than a dozen companies, and sits on advisory boards of many more. Before joining MIT in 1986, he was a lecturer at Stanford University in the Computer Science and Psychology departments. Alex received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and obtained his Ph.D. from MIT.


P. Taylor Goetz
Apache Software
Jeff Hammerbacher
Jay Kreps
Todd Lipcon Image Jacques Nadeau Image Peter Norvig Image
Todd Lipcon
Jacques Nadeau
Peter Norvig
Alex Pentland Image Jennifer Priestley Image Nate Silver Image
Alex Pentland
Jennifer Priestley
Kennesaw State University
Nate Silver
Daniel Sturman Image Werner Vogels Image Matei Zaharia
Daniel Sturman
Werner Vogels
Matei Zaharia


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