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Improving Manufacturing Quality and Asset Performance with Industrial Internet of Things

Quality and reliability issues affect every aspect of a company’s business, negatively impacting everything from production quality to plant uptime, resulting in higher costs and long-term damage to brand reputations. Traditional approaches to manufacturing quality and plant maintenance are often reactive, leaving organizations stuck in a firefighting mode. Significant improvements can be achieved by leveraging real-time Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) sensor data, machine learning and streaming analytics to drive immediate insights and proactive preventative actions. Join this webcast to discover how new real-time analytics approaches are driving next-generation manufacturing performance.


  • Michael Ger, General Manager, Manufacturing, Hortonworks
  • David Frede, Principal Industry Consultant, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, SAS
  • Evan Guarnaccia, Solutions Architect, SAS
  • Dan Zaratsian, Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks

Moderator: Alex Woodie, Managing Editor, Datanami

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This webinar is produced by Tabor Communications in conjunction with Datanami, and sponsored by SAS, Intel and Hortonworks.Hortonworks_Intel_SAS