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Written and edited by the leading journalists in the field of big data, Datanami offers unmatched insight, analysis and up-to-the-minute information about emerging trends and solutions in big data. From networking to applications, or business to government, we have you covered. So keep up with the latest themes and events in big data analytics with Datanami’s 2020 editorial calendar.


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January 2021:

Big Data for the Public Good: Many of the same analytic innovations that corporations are using are also available to governments and non-profit organizations, which can leverage big data for the good of the public.

Industry Events:

Jan 11-14 — CES 2021 (virtual)

Jan 26-28  — Global Week (virtual)

Jan 28-29 — Deep Learning Virtual Summit

February 2021:

DataOps and ETL: Managing big data and getting it ready for analysis or ML training remains a giant chore. But thanks to DataOps practitioners have a methodology for automating some of the tasks.

Editorial Event: Datanami 2021 People to Watch

March 2021:

Cloud Data Warehouses and Data Lakes: The cloud has become the default deployment option for all databases, and this is especially true for cloud data warehouses, which have been exploding in popularity recently.

Editorial Event:

Datanami 10 Year Retrospective

Industry Event:

Mar 30 – Apr 1 — Ai X Summit, Boston, MA and Virtual

April 2021:

Data Governance and Security: Concerns over data governance and security are leading to the proliferation of data regulations around the world. Organizations that fail to stay on the right side of this divide risk running afoul of the regulators–and losing customer trust in the process.

Industry Focus: Finance

May 2021:

AI and Analytics at the Edge: Edge deployments are forecast to spike as organizations look to take advantage of faster, smaller processors and denser storage to run increasingly sophisticated analytics and machine learning inference as close to the point of service as possible.

Industry Events:

May 17-21 — IBM Think Conference 2021 (virtual)

May — SAP Sapphire Now (virtual)

June 2021:

AI Ethics: As deep learning becomes more powerful, it raises the odds that AI will run afoul of somebody’s rights or otherwise make untoward decisions. AI ethics, therefore, is the process by which we can formulate strategies to prevent this from happening as AI applications are deployed into the real world.

Industry Events:

June — HPE Discover

June 22-25 — IoT Evolution Expo – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

July 2021:

Specialty Databases: Data is becoming more diverse, and so is how we store it. We’ll explore the latest in specialist non-relational databases, including graph, geospatial, and time-series databases, and their applications.

Industry Focus: Retail


The Open Source Ecosystem: Open source remains a primary driver of innovation in big data, analytics, and AI. We’ll take a look at what’s happening in the open source community, and some of the top projects in the space.

September 2021:

Data Visualization: Advances in visualization are enabling users to do things with data they never thought possible. We’ll investigate some of these advances and demonstrate how they’re impacting data analytics.

Industry Events:

Sept 21-23 — TechCrunch Disrupt 2021  — Virtual

October 2021:

The Python Data Ecosystem: Python continues to be the dominant language for analytics and machine learning. We’ll investigate why Python is so popular, and how it’s is helping organizations get more from their data.

Editorial Event:

Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

Industry Events:

Oct 13-14 – AI Summit Silicon Valley  — Santa Clara, CA

Oct 18-21 — Gartner Symposium — Orlando, FL

November 2021:

Streaming Data: Technologies like Apache Kafka and Apache Flink are giving organizations extremely powerful tools to analyze data in real time. We’ll check out the state of streaming analytics, and where it’s going next.

Industry Events:

November  — AWS re:Invent 2021 — Las Vegas? (not final)

Industry Focus: Manufacturing

December 2021:

Deep Learning and AI: Neural networks are exceeding human capacity in certain areas, including computer vision and NLP. We’ll take a look at the latest tech and how it could be put into action in the real world.

January 2022:

In-Memory Computing: We’ve come a long way from the early days of in-memory computing. But what does the future hold? We’ll investigate possible directions, including technologies like Optane and Power10’s unique approach to memory parallelization.

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For sales inquiries, please contact: [email protected]