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Written and edited by the leading journalists in the field of big data, Datanami offers unmatched insight, analysis and up-to-the-minute information about emerging trends and solutions in big data. From networking to applications, or business to government, we have you covered. So keep up with the latest themes and events in big data analytics with Datanami’s 2019 editorial calendar.


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SQL Data Warehouses: SQL has been called the lingua franca of business data, and it’s not going away. We’ll check why parallel SQL data warehouses remain so popular in the business world, and when newer Hadoop engines will finally catch up.



Data Governance: The ever-increasing pace of data generation and storage is straining our ability to manage it effectively to ensure its availability, usability, integrity, and security. We’ll investigate best practices and industry trends in data governance, including the impact that new data regulations will have on governance.


H2O World – San Francisco, CA: February 4 – 5
IBM Think 2019 – San Francisco, CA: February 12 – 15
ElasticON – San Francisco, CA: February 27



Containers and Kubernetes: At a time of extraneous complexity in big data, containers and Kubernetes promise a path to greater simplicity. We’ll dig into the benefits offered by containerization and see where the experts think the trend will lead us next.


Enterprise Data World – Bosto, MAn: March 17 – 22
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – Orlando, FL: March 18 – 21
Nvidia GPU Technology Conference – San Jose, CA: March 18 – 21
Strata Data Conference – San Francisco, CA: March 25 – 28
Adobe Summit – Las Vegas, NV: March 26 – 28



Deep Learning: One of the hottest trends in data science, deep learning combines big data and massive computational power to take statistical inference to the next level. We’ll investigate real-world deep learning implementations and ask the experts where deep learning is headed next.


Flink Forward – San Francisco, CA: April 1 – 2
AnacondaCON Austin, TX: April 3 – 5
Google Cloud Next – San Francisco, CA: April 10 – 11
Advanced Scale Forum – Ponte Vedra, FL: April 15 – 17
O’Reilly AI Conference -New York,NY: April 15 – 18
Spark + AI Summit 2019 – San Francisco, CA: April 23 – 25
SAS Global Forum. Denver, CO: April 28 – May 1



Stream processing: The foundation has been laid, but will 2019 be the year that stream processing finally breaks out? We’ll investigate the various technologies at play with stream processing, and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches.


MarkLogic World – San Francisco, CA: May 7 – 10
Chief Analytics Officers and Influencers – San Diego, CA: May 14 – 16
DataWorks Summit – Washington D.C.: May 20 – 23
Talend Connect – New York City, NY: TBD



NoSQL databases: Data generated today is messy and doesn’t play nicely with rows and columns. Luckily, NoSQL databases have been created to house that less structured data. We’ll explore the different types of NoSQL databases and how they’re helping organizations manage the ongoing data explosion.


Alteryx Inspire – Nashville, TN: June 10 – 14
Deep Learning World – Las Vegas, NV: June 16 – 20



Future of Storage: The big data explosion has made it difficult for organizations to store all the data they need. We’ll look at the newest storage technologies, particularly NVMe and memory-class storage, and ping the experts to get their take on what else the future might bring.



Faced with a shortage of data scientists, industry has turned to academia to help fill the void. We’ll investigate the state of data science education at the college level, and take a look at some of the graduate-level programs.


TDWI San Diego Conference – San Diego, CA: August 18 – 23



AI Ethics: As AI makes its way into the real world, consumers are finding out where it helps them – and where it can hurt. We’ll give you a peak into how the ethics of AI is developing, and what an AI best-practice program looks like.


O’Reilly AI Conference – San Jose, CA: September 9 – 12
HPC on Wall Street New York – New York, NY: September 11 – 12
SAS Analytics Experience – Las Vegas, NV: September 16 – 18
Strata Data Conference – New York City, NY: September 23 – 26
Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Industries (AI4I) – Laguna Hills, CA: September 25 – 27



Data Science Automation: Faced with a shortage of data scientists, vendors are doing their best to automate some of the “grunt work” that data scientists must do, as well as fostering greater collaboration and efficiency. We’ll investigate the leading data science platforms and see where the future is headed.


HPC on Wall Street Singapore – Raffles City, SGP: October 15 – 16
Deep Learning Summit Montreal – Montreal, CA-QC: October 24 – 25



Rise of Clouds: Public clouds have become the defacto standard for storing masses of data. We’ll compare and contrast not only the storage offerings of the leading cloud vendors, but their data science and AI capabilities too.



Data Viz and BI: Despite the advancement of machine learning, humans are evolutionarily adapted to spot minute differences in data, which means putting eyes on data is still a cost-effective method for data exploration. We’ll investigate the latest trends in data visualization and new developments in related BI products.


AWS re:Invent 2019 – Las Vegas, NV: December 2 – 6
NeurIPS (formerly NIPS) – Vancouver, CA-BC: December 9



A New Decade for Big Data: What a decade the 2010s were for big data! We’ll look at the incredible progress made in big data over the past 10 years, and take a gander at where the future will take us.



For questions or pitches on related stories, please contact: [email protected]

For sales inquiries, please contact: [email protected]


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