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Editorial Calendar

Written and edited by the leading journalists in the field of big data, Datanami offers unmatched insight, analysis and up-to-the-minute information about emerging trends and solutions in big data. From networking to applications, or business to government, we have you covered. So keep up with the latest themes and events in big data analytics with Datanami’s 2023 editorial calendar.

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January 2023:

Scale Out Databases: As the world becomes more connected, the need for global-scale databases has grown. We’ll look at some of the difficulties inherent with scaling transactional capabilities, and the early leaders in this space.

Industry Events:

Jan 5–8: Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

February 2023:

Data Observability: The difficulty of maintaining quality amid large and fast-moving data environments necessitates a new approach.

Editorial Event: Datanami 2023 People to Watch

Industry Events:

Feb 15–16: AI Summit West – San Francisco

March 2023:

Vector Databases: Based on neural networks, vector databases are providing a more natural search experience, amid other benefits.

Industry Events:

March 3–4: 2023 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference – Boston

March 8: Women in Data Science (WiDS) Stanford – Stanford

March 11–12: International Conference on Data Mining, Big Data and Machine Learning (DBML 2023) – virtual

March 12–14: Cassandra Summit 2023 – San Jose

March 16–17: ImageXD – Irvine, CA

March 20–22: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – Orlando

March 20–23: Nvidia GTC – virtual

March 30: MLConf – NYC

April 2023:

Data Fabrics and Meshes: Separating reality from the hype surrounding these new big data architectures and development techniques.

Industry Focus: Supply Chain and Logistics

Industry Events:

April 25–26: Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) Spring – “West Coast”

April 26–28: PyData Seattle – Seattle

May 2023:

Open Table Formats: New open table formats, like Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake, and Apache Hudi, are re-writing the rules of how work gets done in the data lake.

Industry Events:

May 8–10: Data Science Leadership Summit – Boston

May 8–11: ThoughtSpot Beyond 2023 – Las Vegas

May 9–10: Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) East  – Boston, Mass.

May 9–10: IBM Think 2023 – Orlando

May 16–17: SAP Sapphire & Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Annual Conference – Orlando

May 25–25: The Data Science Conference – Chicago

June 2023:

Developing Data Products: To truly transform into a data-driven organization, you need to think in terms of data products.

Industry Events:

June 5–9: DGIQ – San Diego

June 10: Data Analytics Exploration (DAX) 2023 – Maryland (UMBC)

June 20–22: HPE Discover 2023 – Las Vegas

June 26–29: Data + AI Summit – San Francisco

June 26–29: Snowflake Summit – Las Vegas

July 2023:

Conversational AI: The rise of large language models has supercharged the field of conversational AI – and some say it’s bringing us closer to artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Industry Focus: Sports and Entertainment

Industry Event:

July 10–14: Esri User Conference – San Diego

July 12–16: ICDM 2023 : 23th Industrial Conference on Data Mining – New York

July 20–21: DataConnect Conference – Columbus, Ohio

July 24–30: International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) – Honolulu

August 2023:

Big Data University: The job prospects for data science have never been brighter for students, but education isn’t the only relevant thing happening in our academic institutions.

Inudstry Event:

August 6–10: ACM SIGKDD – Long Beach

August 7–9: Ai4 2023 – Las Vegas

September 2023:

The Modern Data Stack: Patterns are emerging around the types of tools and technologies that organization are stringing together to gain more productivity with data.

Industry Events:

September 18–21: Oracle CloudWorld – Las Vegas

September 21–23: 3rd World Tech Summit on Big Data, Data Science & Machine Learning  – Austin, Texas

October 2023:

Data in the Cloud: Requirements for data workloads are changing at the same time that new options for multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and super cloud are emerging.

Industry Events:

Oct 4–6: Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) Fall – Boston

Oct 24–27: Academic Data Science Alliance Annual Meeting – San Antonio, Texas

Oct 27: International Conference on Data Science and Competitive Intelligence – Los Angeles

Oct 31–Nov 3: ODSC West – San Francisco

November 2023:

Secure Computing: Privacy preserving techniques like homomorphic encryption, differential privacy, federated learning promise to change how we think about computing forever.

Editorial Event:

Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

Industry Events:

Nov 18–21: SAS Conference – Washington, D.C.

December 2023:

The World of MLOps: New tools and technologies are emerging to help streamline tasks required for putting machine learning applications into operations

Industry Events:

Dates TBD: 2023 IEEE International Conference on Big Data

January 2024:

Data Laws and Regs: What’s the state of data regulations in North America, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

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For sales inquiries, please contact: [email protected]