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Data + AI Lessons Learned from Covid-19

These are unprecedented times. As a result of COVID-19, we are all seeing the dramatic impact on businesses. A new AI trend is emerging, where AI has the ability to help companies reconstruct their businesses now and prepare for the future. At, we are co-innovating with banks, healthcare companies and CPGs on vertical AI Apps such as a Demand Sensing AI App, and a Mortgage Lending AI App, that are yielding new insights and results very quickly. This segment is Sri’s perspective on how this is all unfolding.

Join the conversation with Alex Woodie, Editor of Datanami, Sri Ambati, the CEO and Founder of, and Marios Michailidis, the Kaggle Grandmaster & Research Data Scientist at

This webinar is produced by Tabor Communications in conjunction with Datanami, and sponsored by H2O.H2O