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Merger with Hortonworks Complete, Cloudera Looks to Future

Jan 3, 2019 |

Cloudera and Hortonworks completed their merger today, becoming the preeminent software supplier in the Hadoop ecosystem and possibly the second largest open source software vendor. Flush with half a billion dollars in cash and no debt, the new Cloudera says it’s primed to deliver solutions that map to its new tagline: Read more…

Predictions for Application Development in 2019

Jan 3, 2019 |

Application development has become a cloud-focused initiative in many enterprises. Consequently, the languages, tools, and platforms needed to support today’s development initiatives are rapidly evolving.

Application development is also a discipline in which data science is assuming a greater role. Read more…

Industry Speaks: Big Data Prognostications for 2019

Jan 2, 2019 |

“The future isn’t what it used to be” the French poet Paul Valery wrote nine decades ago. The same could be said for the big data trend that began in the mid ’00s. Read more…

Cloud Backlash Grows as Open Source Gets Less Open

Dec 24, 2018 |

Are cloud providers freeloading on free and open software? That question is casting a shadow on the growth potential of cloud computing as vendors like Confluent, MongoDB, and Redis Labs put new restrictions that prevent cloud companies from using their software in specific ways. Read more…

Moving Beyond the Hype: Six Real-Life Applications of AI in FinTech

Dec 21, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence (AI) may well be at the peak of its hype cycle now. The World Economic Forum dubbed AI — and a suit of other fast-evolving novel technologies — a herald of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, acknowledging the tech’s potential to drive transformative changes across economies and impact society at scale. Read more…

AI Prognostications Plentiful for New Year

Dec 20, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence had a breakout year in 2018. The technology seemed to be everywhere, influencing everything from stock trading and hiring to crop rotations and perfumery. So where will AI take us in 2019? Read more…

3 Ways to Avoid the Analytics Death Curve

Dec 19, 2018 |

When you build an analytics-based application, what’s the worst thing that can happen? As a former product owner charged with using analytics to drive new revenue streams, I’ve considered this question many times. Read more…

What’s Up with 2019? Big Data Predictions

Dec 18, 2018 |

As 2018 rolls to a close, it’s time to turn our attention to 2019 and the possibility that it holds. What will happen next year is anybody’s guess, which is half the fun in assembling (and hopefully reading) predictions from leaders and experts in the big data and data science fields. Read more…

Big Data Career Notes: December 2018 Edition

Dec 17, 2018 |

In this monthly feature, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest career developments for individuals in the big data community. Whether it’s a promotion, new company hire, or even an accolade, we’ve got the details. Read more…

Data Deletion in a World with Endless Storage

Dec 14, 2018 |

Storing data has become so easy and inexpensive that for many organizations there’s effectively no limit to the amount of data they’ll keep. Adding more space in the data center or, increasingly, taking advantage of dirt-cheap storage in the cloud means that data is growing faster than many companies can deal with it. Read more…

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