Anzo Smart Data Lake for Enterprise Data on Demand

Only with a rich and interactive semantic layer can the data and analytics stack to deliver true on-demand access to data, answers and insights – weaving data together from across the enterprise into an information fabric. Cambridge Semantics will reveal the breakthrough capabilities of the newly launched Anzo Smart Data Lake 4.0 – the only end-to-end platform for semantic layers based on open standards. By developing Anzo Smart Data Lake on knowledge graphs end-to-end, Cambridge Semantics has built the foundation for a truly disruptive Semantic Layer.

In this paper we highlight four differentiating capabilities with examples from the field:

  • The true costs and benefits associated with building applications using pure open source data platforms
  • How blending open source with proprietary software provides a more cost-effective solution
  • Real-world examples in enterprise deployment

Please register to download this white paper, Anzo Smart Data Lake for Enterprise Data on Demand, sponsored by Cambridge Semantics.

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