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More than Algorithms and Accelerators: ROI for Machine Learning Requires Collaboration and Trusted Partners

Some of the biggest challenges in useful machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence projects stem from the fact that learning systems exist in the middle of a wider workflow. And generating the greatest return on an investment doesn’t often come from algorithm choice or model performance. Join us as we take a look at common misconceptions in machine learning optimization, and explore best practices for performance gains.

This 5-page, exclusive whitepaper covers:

  • When choices of algorithm choice, training methods and models are vital, and when they are not
  • Best practices for moving data from its origin, learning new insights and taking action via command and control systems
  • Architecting and implementing stable, efficient, and resilient data analysis workflows for maximum throughput
  • …and more!

Please register to download this special report, More than Algorithms and Accelerators: ROI for Machine Learning Projects Requires Collaboration and Trusted Partners, produced by Tabor Custom Publishing in conjunction with Datanami, and sponsored by Cray.

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