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Agile and Flexible Data Science with Scale-out Flash Storage

The explosion of unstructured data into data lakes from sources like machine-generated log files, social media feeds, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors requires new analytics stacks to extract business value. Data Scientists are implementing and evolving these modern Big Data Analytics stacks to optimize, improve, and create value from their data lakes. Today, due to the limited flexibility and complexity of managing traditional storage, data scientists spend more time dealing with performance issues and managing storage instead of doing “data science”. Watch this webinar to find out more about how to enable flexibility and agility of your data scientists by leveraging the scalability and high performance of the FlashBlade.

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Presenter: Ivan Jibaja, FlashBlade Engineer, Pure Storage

Moderator: Alex Woodie, Managing Editor, Datanami

This webinar is produced by Tabor Communications in conjunction with Datanami, and sponsored by Pure StorageZoomdata


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