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March 11, 2024

SAP Announces Major Upgrades in Data and Analytics

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SAP, one of the world’s premier enterprise software provider, has announced several innovations in data and analytics to empower organizations to harness the full power of their data.

The enhancements include the addition of GenAI capabilities, simplified data landscapes, intuitive data interaction, and several other features that are set to be available in the SAP Datasphere platform. 

Users will now be able to interact with the organization’s data more intuitively and this will help boost operational efficiency and encourage more intelligent business transformations. 

SAP’s AI-powered copilot tool will allow users to automate data analytics tasks, including access to a new knowledge graph for complex datasets and vector database capabilities for more advanced GenAI workloads. 

The copilot is now also available in SAP Analytics Cloud, where it can be used to automate the creation of reports, dashboards, and other tools. This automation will be offered through SAP HANA cloud’s new vector capabilities, which are now generally available. 

SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud are getting a tighter integration for better cross-enterprise planning. This will help break down data silos by allowing a single tool for data planning, preparation, and modeling. 

This integration also adds a new “compass” function that provides data simulation capabilities for users to predict business outcomes more accurately. A preview of SAP Analytics Cloud compass is planned to be available at the end of Q3 2024 

Knowledge graphs are designed to offer better context to LLMs and minimize AI hallucinations, which have emerged as one of the primary risks of using the technology. Manually creating knowledge graphs requires extensive effort and cost. However, SAP Datasphere overcomes this by pre-populating knowledge graphs with relevant content already in the Datasphere.  

“Capturing data to make better decisions is an enterprise technology imperative that’s become increasingly critical as AI – which relies on quality data – revolutionizes every aspect of business,” said Juergen Mueller, SAP Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board. 

He further added “Our newest SAP Datasphere innovations, as well as an expanded partnership with Collibra, represents a quantum leap in our ability to help customers drive intelligent business transformations through data.”

Incorporation of GenAI across the business is only useful if data is trusted and governed. The expansion of SAP’s partnership with Collibra, a data Intelligence platform, will provide greater accountability and transparency for businesses by ensuring compliance and privacy policies are met. 


The new capabilities are also aimed at enabling users of all technical levels to play a role in their organization’s data strategy. Users will find it easier to understand the relationship between data and business processes to make more informed decisions. 

SAP is advancing its AI initiatives on multiple fronts. In the last year, it has launched its AI-powered copilot and rolled out SAP Build Code, a unified low-code environment to automate processes, create web and mobile apps, and design business sites through a highly intuitive interface. In 2023, the enterprise software giant also made major investments in three major GenAI companies: Anthropic, Cohere, and Aleph Alpha. 

As part of its Ambition 2025 and Transformation Program for 2024, SAP had shared its goal to increase its focus on key strategic growth areas, in particular, Business AI. The latest announcement for the enhancements in data and analytics will take the company closer to that objective.  

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