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February 14, 2024

Alation Launches Data Culture Maturity Assessment

Determining the true value of data has long been an elusive endeavor for organizations. The lack of metrics to precisely measure data maturity, the subjective nature of data, and intangible benefits add to the challenge. 

This inability to measure data culture results in uncertainty in determining the value of data initiative investments. Alation, one of the leading providers of enterprise data intelligence solutions, might just have a solution for organizations to assess their data culture maturity. 

Alation has launched a Data Culture Maturity Assessment to enable organizations to quantify the true value of data initiatives. The pioneering framework will allow companies to demonstrate how a mature data culture can accelerate digital transformation and help link efforts to business outcomes. 

The model was developed through extensive collaboration with Alation’s global partners and customers,  including over 35 percent of Fortune 100 companies

“The Data Culture Maturity Model reveals where we are on our data maturity journey and is especially useful when quantifying the business value of investing in data initiatives to our executives,” said Spencer Percy, Senior Data Management Analyst at Kinross Gold Corporation.

Percy also added that the new framework provides a clear roadmap so companies can focus on areas that provide the greatest value. It can also help drive innovation as companies have a model to measure the success of new data initiatives. 

The need for a clear return on investment has never been more than now with budgets being pulled in different directions. The Alation Data Culture Maturity Assessment enables business leaders to demonstrate how data programs produce tangible business benefits. 

Alation’s recently released State of Data Culture Report revealed that organizations that commit to cultivating a strong data culture are on the right path to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage. 


That report highlighted four key pillars that organizations must develop to mature their data culture: data leadership, data search and discovery, data literacy, and data governance. With Alation’s new assessment tool, organizations can tie specific metrics and business outcomes to these four key pillars. 

While business leaders are aware of the benefits of cultivating a strong data culture, there seems to be some hesitation in investing in data initiatives. A primary reason for this hesitation is that data leaders are unable to justify the value of the initiatives. 

Now with Alation’s Data Culture Maturity Assessment, data leaders can make informed decisions about new data initiatives and have clarity into expected returns from the investment. 

Commenting on the launch of the assessment tool, Julie Smith, Director of Data & Analytics at Alation, shared her opinion that “Real business value and competitive advantage lie in mature data practices.” She further added that the organizations can use the assessment tool to “align data initiatives, such as self-service, data governance, and accelerating cloud migration, with business-specific goals and establish clear metrics to measure success.”

The Alation assessment tool is designed to generate a tailored report that includes recommendations for improvement based on a series of questions about the organization. Business leaders can use the tool to determine what the next priorities are to move the organization forward and make data-driven investment decisions. 

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