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December 22, 2023

Qlik Acquires Mozaic Data to Help Simplify Data Management for Enterprises


Qlik, a leading data integration and analytics company, announced the acquisition of AI-powered data-as-a-product startup Mozaic Data. The deal will allow Qlik to better enable its customers to take a decentralized approach to data management.

The new capabilities will help simplify the way organizations handle information and ensure better data quality and governance. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

As part of restructuring after the acquisition, Sharad Kumar, Founder of Mozaid, will join Qlik as the Regional Head of Data Integration and Quality. Kumar’s valuable addition to the leadership will enhance Qlik’s innovative capabilities and advance its goal to develop a next-generation Data Product Catalog solution that empowers customers to extract more value from their data. 

Drew Clarke, General Manager, Data Business Unit at Qlik, emphasized, “The acquisition of Mozaic and Sharad’s expertise is a pivotal step in reshaping the data landscape, and is a significant contribution to our ongoing work for 2024.

Mozaiz, still a startup in the beta testing stage, is in the process of developing an AI-driven platform where users can distribute data management across different domains within their organizations. This allows for a decentralized approach with an increased emphasis on data products. 

Historically, data has been centralized. However, the approach to using decentralized data has been gaining momentum as organizations recognize the inefficiencies of centralized data management. Rather than relying on a single team of data experts in a centralized data management system, Mozaic is aiming to develop tools that are made available to everyone within the organization in a secure manner. 

The trend toward decentralization is one of the reasons for the emergence of data fabric and data mesh. One of the challenges with a centralized system is that while it keeps data secure and offers more control, it can create scalability and potential bottlenecks, especially in terms of data access. 


“Organizations are increasingly seeking to create domain-centric data products that transcend data integration and quality. There’s an elevated expectation within the industry,” explained Stewart Bond, Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software at IDC. “The focus of Qlik’s data quality and governance offerings to embody the concept of data products highlights a maturity that resonates with today’s customer needs.”

Qlik has been making inroads to boost its market penetration in areas such as data integration, data quality, and data analytics. They have made a series of acquisitions over the last five years, including the buyout of data quality platform provider Talend earlier this year. The Mozaic deal is the first AI acquisition by Qlik. 

The acquisition of Mozaic is set to accelerate data deployment and utilization in cloud platforms including Google BigQuery, Microsoft Fabric, Snowflake, Databricks, and Amazon Redshift. In addition, Mozaic’s capabilities will help increase access to data products. 

As the data management and analytics industry continues to evolve, companies like Qlik are going to be influential in shaping the competitive landscape and helping new technologies emerge that can help enterprises simplify data management. 

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Editor’s note: This article was corrected.  Mozaic Data’s name was misspelled. Datanami regrets the error.