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September 29, 2023

UC Berkeley Profs Raise $10.6M Seed, Launch GenAI Startup for Security


Generative AI driven by advanced machine learning and neural networks has ushered us into a new era of cybersecurity. Using generative AI to boost cybersecurity is an evolving field with the potential to transform how enterprises defend against cyber threats. 

Nexusflow has announced that it has raised $10.6 million in a seed round to harness generative AI to revolutionize cybersecurity and unlock the full potential of security products. The Nexusflow Cybersecurity Copilot will allow enterprises to own advanced AI models without the threat of leaking sensitive data. The seed round was led by Point73 Ventures with participation from Fusion Fund and other AI companies from Silicon Valley.

Nexusflow achieves an accuracy rate of up to 95%, whereas OpenAI’s GPT-4 achieves 64%. The accuracy is achieved by allowing enterprises to synthesize fragmented data from different sources and software tools. This helps accelerate the decision-making process and streamline operations workflow. When compared to proprietary models, Nexusflow Copilot is set to deliver significant cost reduction and real-time responses at scale.

AI experts Professor Kurt Keutzer and Jiantao Jio founded Nexusflow while working at the University of Berkeley AI research lab along with industry AI leader Jian Zhang. “Nexusflow specializes in curating high-quality data for data-centric AI,” said Jiantao Jiao, CEO of Nexusflow. “We also leverage our expertise in generative AI systems to ensure efficient implementation and scalability, resulting in significantly lower costs compared to OpenAI’s GPT-4.”

Powered by open-source models, Nexus Cybersecurity Copilot is built to offer complete ownership and control for increased security. The domain specialization enables robust performance on security operation tasks.  In addition, it automatically incorporates the latest security updates, knowledge, and tools.

According to Sri Chandrasekar, Managing Partner at Point72 Ventures, Nexusflow represents the “next frontier of generative AI research” and he looks forward to the collaboration with Nexusflow. 

A similar sentiment was shared by Lu Zhang, Founder & Managing Partner at Fusion Fund, who said,  “Nexusflow not only pioneers generative AI research but also possesses deep expertise in delivering generative AI solutions to enterprises,” He added, “We are thrilled to support their transformative impact on cybersecurity.”

Generative AI is set to be a game-changer in the world of cybersecurity, helping boost the decision-making capabilities of companies and allowing them to streamline operations. The potential applications of generative AI in cybersecurity include threat detection, security testing, automated security patching, user authentication, and data analysis. 

Microsoft, Google, and several other companies have rolled out generative AI enhancements to their security offerings. Nexusflow is a startup, however, it has been quick to realize the potential of generative AI in cybersecurity and is well-positioned to become one of the frontrunners in this space. 

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