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August 30, 2023

Google Cloud Rolls Out Data Clean Rooms


Google Cloud today unveiled a preview of data clean rooms in BigQuery that will enable companies to share sensitive data while protecting security and privacy.

Data clean rooms have proliferated in recent years as companies seek ways to safely share sensitive data. Cloud data warehouse providers Databricks, Snowflake, and Amazon Web Services have launched data clean rooms for their customers, and with today’s announcement, Google Cloud has a clean room offfering, too.

Customers can create new data clean rooms in the BigQuery Analytics Hub with just a few clicks, according to the company. Since the data already resides in BigQuery, there’s no need to copy or move the data. In addition to using their own data in a clean room, customers can also bring into their clean rooms public data and third-party data from commercial suppliers registered on the Analytics Hub.

The rooms let customers perform n-way joins, giving them a powerful data analysis capability. Users can also apply analytics rules, such as aggregation thresholding, to ensure the privacy of sensitive data is maintained, Google Cloud says. Rules can also be set to prevent data and query results from being copied or exported, and Google Cloud also provides a console to manage, track, and govern use of clean rooms.


Google Cloud sees data clean rooms having applicability in several arenas. In financial services, better credit scores and more accurate fraud detection can result from merging various sources of sensitive data. In retail, the combination of point-of-sale (POS) data and marketing data can help companies dial in their promotional strategies. Publishers can also use them to share data with advertisers.

The cloud giant, which unveiled the clean rooms earlier this year, is also working with partners in its clean room offering. For example, it’s tapping TransUnion to bring its identity resolution capabilities into BigQuery clean rooms. It’s also working with Tumult Labs to implement differential privacy controls on clean room output. LiveRamp, which has been offering its own clean room solution on Google Cloud, is also working with the vendor to help customers adopt “enterprise IDs,” which it says can help clean room partners connect data and boost accuracy.

This is day two of Google Cloud Next. The event runs through Thursday in San Francisco.

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