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July 11, 2023

BigPanda Unveils Automated Incident Analysis Capability Powered by Generative AI

An emerging AIOps use case for generative AI is incident analysis for IT response teams. Identifying the root cause of incidents and anomalies in IT systems can be time and resource intensive, and complex alerts often go unnoticed or uncommunicated to downstream staff and systems.

Generative AI for Automated Incident Analysis is a new capability from AIOps platform BigPanda. This new feature enables incident analysis and visibility for IT operations teams and can estimate incident impact, suggest likely root causes, and provide natural language incident titles and summaries, according to the company.

BigPanda says the new feature uses LLM technology to automatically deliver accurate and consistent incident analysis that is easy to understand while reducing mean time to identify and improving incident resolution speed.

BigPanda CEO Assaf Resnick said in a statement that generative AI has taken the company’s platform to a new level: “Customers that have used early versions of our Generative AI report it helps accelerate incident triage while reducing the number of tickets escalated to senior staff. This results in not just saved resources but makes their systems more reliable and helps drive their businesses forward.”

The new Generative AI feature combines AI with correlated and enriched alerts to deliver natural language summaries of combined alerts across multiple systems. BigPanda says the correlated alerts’ summary, title, and root cause analysis can automatically be added to ITSM tickets or chat collaboration channels with specific L2/L3 teams without manual intervention.

(Source: BigPanda)

In a blog post, the company likened its new Generative AI capability to an “experienced full stack IT expert who can work at lightning speed.” The company asserts it results in faster incident resolution, as well as fewer escalations and ITSM tickets. BigPanda also claims it will enable reduced reliance on skilled staff for incident analysis and standardized communication across stakeholders. During beta testing, the company found it saved up to seven minutes per ticket during an escalation and produced accurate causality 95% of the time.

“BigPanda’s AI-powered Generative AI empowers our ITOps teams by providing faster incident detection and independent resolution using generative AI,” said Jeremy Talley, lead operations engineer at Robert Half International. “The rapid, automated extraction of meaningful insights from our complex IT alert environment not only makes us better at L1 response but also reduces escalations to our L2 and L3 experts.”

BigPanda was recently named a strong performer in the Forrester Wave: Process-Centric AI for IT Operations, Q2 2023. The report analyzed 11 AIOps vendors and assessed performance across 30 criteria, and BigPanda tied for the second-highest score in the strategy category.

“BigPanda is a great option for organizations looking for a technology-agnostic solution that automates operational workflows across a wide assortment of technologies in the landscape,” the report stated.

There are concerns with data privacy and security of large language models. BigPanda says its deployment of Generative AI does not use any customer data to train its models and adheres to the company’s zero data retention policy. Additionally, the company says it uses a secure, enterprise-grade system with dedicated APIs to transact and retrieve answers, and customers are required to opt-in to use BigPanda Generative AI.

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