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May 12, 2023

Airbyte Launches Premium Support for Its Open Source Data Integration Platform

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Data integration platform Airbyte has announced the launch of its first premium support offering for Airbyte Open Source.

Airbyte Open Source is a deeply customizable version of the company’s data integration platform that provides hundreds of pre-built and custom ETL connectors to many small services. Airbyte says this new premium support offering is in response to growing demand from over 3,000 companies currently using the platform to power their data pipelines who have voiced a need for more personalized support.

“Customers love our platform and have been asking for structured service plans to support their specific needs,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte. “Our premium support provides assured levels of service and helps ensure that data pipelines are running smoothly and efficiently.”

The Airbyte Open Source tier is meant for engineering-heavy organizations requiring deep customization without the need for SLAs or user management, according to the company website. The platform includes a Connector Development Kit (CDK) that automates all non-specific code, enabling enterprises to create or modify a connector in 30 minutes or less. The Airbyte ETL tool periodically executes a sync run that reads records from a source and sends the extracted records to a destination. These sync runs can be scheduled using an orchestrator like Airflow or Prefect.

Previously, Airbyte provided user support through its community Slack and Discourse platforms, and the company says these forums have been invaluable in fostering a thriving community of users who share their knowledge, experiences, and solutions. However, the expanding user base needs a more tailored and direct support system.

The new premium support packages will give users access to a dedicated support team, Airbyte says, that will allow them to receive prompt and personalized assistance from Airbyte experts.

The first support package covers connection, infrastructure, API/CLI/orchestration, upgrade, and connector development assistance. Customers with this plan can expect a 1 business day response time for Severity 0 and 1 issues, 2 business days response for Severity 2 and 3, and one week response time for pull request reviews. The premium support also provides users with the opportunity to request a Zoom call for any urgent issues.

Airbyte claims its Slack community involves more than 10,000 data engineering practitioners. (Source: Airbyte)

While the community Slack and Discourse platforms will continue to serve as a hub for peer-to-peer interactions and self-help, the premium support will cater to users who require direct assistance from the Airbyte team. The premium support offers benefits such as faster response times, personalized assistance, and priority review of any contribution.

Airbyte was founded in 2020 and the San Francisco-based company has raised nearly $182 million over four funding rounds. The company claims to have the largest data engineering contributor community with more than 800 contributors who have built over 300 ETL connectors.

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