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April 4, 2023

HPE Taps VAST Data For Fast File Storage on GreenLake

HPE Alletra MP

HPE today rolled out its first file storage offering for GreenLake, its everything-as-a-service offering. The new HPE GreenLake for File Storage offering pairs software from VAST Data atop HPE’s own Alletra storage appliances and delivers enterprise-level speed for demanding data applications.

At today’s GreenLake Data event, HPE announced a series of new data services, including the brand new file storage offering mentioned above, but also an expanded block storage offering and two new backup services. All of the new services will be delivered atop Alletra Storage MP, a new member of its Alletra family of storage appliances, and bundled as part of its all-encompassing GreenLake cloud service.

Faced with a chaotic array of workloads and data protocols, organizations often over-provision their storage resources and struggle to manage the ensuing mess. HPE hopes to help rein in that complexity with Alletra Storage MP, a new storage offering unveiled today that unifies block and file storage together with other data services under a common GreenLake banner.

The file storage offering makes use of software from VAST Data, the New York City-based provider of storage devices for file and object workloads. The addition of file storage to GreenLake marks a major addition to the GreenLake family, says David Yu, the senior manager of product marketing for HPE Storage.

Greenlake is HPE’s IT-as-a-service offering

“The service features a disaggregated, shared-everything, highly resilient, flexible modular architecture that’s designed for exabyte scale,” Yu writes in a blog post. “This unique architecture produces a highly differentiated file storage service that avoids tradeoffs, makes storage simple, delivers performance at scale, and helps eliminate hardware silos and islands of data.”

Yu says the new file storage offering will deliver high-end performance for the most data-intensive workloads, including big data, data lakes, machine learning, deep learning, AI, HPC, and archival workloads across multiple industries.

“With all-NVMe speed for fast, predictable performance and no front-end caching or data movement between media, you can supercharge your most data-intensive apps with a read performance that is 80x faster than legacy NAS and a read throughput of 100s of GB/sec,” Yu says.

Over on the block front, HPE says it has improved upon its existing GreenLake for Block Storage offering by boosting its availability, performance, and scalability. It’s also offering a “100% data availability guarantee,” the company says.

Taken together, the joining of block and file storage workloads will address “unprecedented challenges” that companies face today in managing their data, says Tom Black, executive vice president and general manager of HPE Storage.

HPE enables users to manage backups and recoveries for multiple cloud and on-prem systems with its new HPE Backup and Recovery service

“The rapid increase in the volume and complexity of data has forced organizations to manage it all with a costly combination of siloed storage solutions,” Black states in a press release. “The new HPE GreenLake data services and expanded HPE Alletra innovations make it easier and more economical to manage multiple types of data, storage protocols, and workloads, allowing customers to focus on accelerating innovation and driving business results.”

HPE is also launching two new services for backup and recovery. The new GreenLake for Disaster Recovery offering will protect data residing in multiple virtual machines (VM) via single console. This offering is based on technology from Zerto, and is sold via the software as a service (SaaS) delivery method. The GreenLake for Backup and Recovery offering, meanwhile, is designed to protect customers’ on-prem and cloud workloads from the same SaaS offering.

The file storage and block storage offerings can be ordered today, while the GreenLake for Disaster Recovery offering will be orderable in June. Only the GreenLake for Backup and Recovery offering is generally available today.

HPE Alletra is a line of storage appliances that HPE markets as “cloud-native data infrastructure” for GreenLake, its everything-as-a-service cloud initiative. It currently sells the Alletra 5000, which supports up to 294 TB per enclosure across a mix of HDD and NVMe drives (expandable to six enclosures); the Alletra 6000, which supports up to 368 TB of all-flash storage in a single enclosure; and the high-end Alletra 9000, which supports up to 10,168 Tebibyte (TiB) across eight NVMe enclosures (1 TiB is equal to 1.0995 TB.) All Alletra devices feature AI-based predictive management capabilities and can be controlled remotely from the Data Services Cloud Console.

The addition of HPE Alletra Storage MP provides a new option for flexible data storage, HPE says.

“The HPE Alletra Storage MP supports a disaggregated infrastructure with multiple storage protocols on the same hardware that can scale independently for performance and capacity,” the company says. “Customers benefit from a single, unified cloud platform to deploy, manage, and orchestrate data and storage services, regardless of the workload and storage protocol. The flexibility of HPE Alletra Storage MP provides better price for performance today and the ability to cost-effectively scale out infrastructure on the same hardware in the future, while enhancing investment protection.”

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