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February 28, 2023

EDB Announces Postgres Distributed 5.0


EDB (formerly EnterpriseDB) has announced EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0. The company says this database enhancement solves the problems of planned downtime and unplanned outages for enterprises running business-critical applications.

According to Uptime Institute’s 2022 Outage Analysis Report, 80% of datacenters have experienced an outage in the past two years as data disruption and outages become more commonplace. Postgres Distributed 5.0 powers EDB’s Extreme High Availability add-on, which the company claims allows customers to run PostgreSQL with five nines availability (99.999%+). EDB says this extreme high availability ensures maximal uptime, protects business-critical applications, increases availability of web-based applications, and avoids productivity disruptions.

EDB says Postgres Distributed 5.0 supports versions 12-15 of PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Extended Server, and EDB Postgres Advanced Server across on-prem and cloud deployments. Its flexibility and “always on” deployment architectures also reduce requirements complexity, the company says.

Users can now configure and validate Postgres architecture via the command line interface (CLI). Postgres Distributed 5.0 CLI can be used to specify the durability, consistency, and performance of a cluster, and will also have support for configuration validation, the company says. “This will check that a cluster is deployed in accordance with the supported Postgres configurations and architectures, ensuring that the cluster’s behavior will meet customer expectations. Customers utilizing the self-service trials can quickly check the cluster’s deployment for misconfiguration and ensure that best practices are followed,” EDB said in a blog post.

EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0 is immediately available through its Extreme High Availability add-on to EDB Enterprise and Standard Plans. Additionally, it will soon be released in EDB BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed database-as-a-service. Also, EDB will soon be offering a 60-day self-guided trial of EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0.

“With the volume of data increasing rapidly, and the pace of business growing, downtime is not merely an inconvenience or occasional cost, it can break an enterprise. With PGD, EDB is delivering a comprehensive means of ensuring continuous business continuity for users of PostgreSQL, enabling EDB Postgres to handle the most critical and demanding data workloads,” said Carl Olofson, research VP at IDC.

“Operational resiliency is paramount for businesses today – especially those in banking and financial services,” said Marc Linster, CTO at EDB. “Downtime and data loss can lead to significant business disruption, and enterprises simply cannot afford that. EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0 delivers extreme high availability to minimize downtime so customers can always access their data and applications—even through major version upgrades and during maintenance operations.”

The company is offering a webinar on March 14 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Read more about EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0 at this link.

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