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2023 BigDATAwire Readers’ Choice Awards Nominations Are Now Open

The nominations window for the 2023 BigDATAwire Readers’ Choice Awards has been closed!

Welcome to the 2023 BigDATAwire Readers’ Choice Awards! Now in its eighth year, this annual award series recognizes the best and brightest innovators within the global Big Data community. You have only two weeks to nominate the greatest achievements in Big Data and AI, so make your mark today!

The 2023 categories include the following:

  • Best AI Product: Gen AI/LLM
  • Best AI Product: Machine Learning and Data Science Platform
  • Best Big Data Product: Analytics Database, Data Lake, and Lakehouse
  • Best Big Data Product: Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Best Big Data Product: Cloud Data Storage
  • Best Big Data Product: Data Fabric / Data Mesh
  • Best Big Data Product: DataOps
  • Best Big Data Product: Stream Processing
  • Best Big Data Product: Transactional and Operational Database
  • Top 3 Big Data and AI Open Source Projects to Watch
  • Top 3 Big Data and AI Startups
  • Top 3 Big Data and AI Vendors to Watch
  • Top Big Data and AI Achievement

Nominations are accepted from readers, users, and vendors — virtually anyone connected with the Big Data community who is a reader. Nominations closed on September 20, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Make your voice heard before it’s too late! Help tell the story of Big Data in 2023 by submitting your nominations for the 2023 BigDATAwire Readers’ Choice Awards now!

Nominations closed on September 20, 2023. All nominations are subject to review by the editors of Datanami/BigDATAwire with only the most relevant being accepted. Voting begins the week of October 10, 2023. The final presentation of these prestigious, highly anticipated awards to the leading executives in each organizations will take place in early December 2023. The finalist(s) in each category who receive the most votes will win this year’s awards. Open to Datanami/BigDATAwire readers only. Participation by Tabor Communications employees, its affiliates, extended staff and their families is strictly prohibited.