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September 19, 2022

HPC + AI Wall Street to Feature ‘Spooky’ Science for Financial Services

Editorial Team

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Albert Einstein famously described quantum mechanics as “spooky action at a distance” due to the non-intuitive nature of superposition and quantum entangled particles. It’s a good thing you don’t need to grasp the finer points of advanced physics to leverage these technologies as they are applied to real-world practical applications in financial services and other verticals – just like you don’t need a degree in electrical engineering to use a classical computer.

The opening panel of the HPC + Wall Street Conference (Sept. 20-21, New York City) delves into the red-hot topic of quantum computing, which could bring a massive competitive advantage to many financial services applications such as portfolio optimization, risk management, secure communications and lots more.

Four expert panelists will provide guidance aimed at helping companies begin to develop quantum readiness strategies. The panel will be moderated by John Russell, one of HPCwire’s editors and the lead editor for our new quantum-focused microsite and newsletter, QCwire.

Each panelist will talk briefly on an area of focus, Russell explains. Broadly, they’ll be looking at 1) investment trends in QC – where money is flowing is often an important indicator of segment dynamics – 2) the QC vendor community and use cases, 3) some early quantum computing deployments – at this stage no one is using quantum computing in a production setting but there are many public and private projects under way, 4) We also have a global futurist on the panel which should make for interesting listening.

Now owned and produced by Tabor Communications, this year’s HPC + AI on Wall Street will be held in-person at the Intercontinental Hotel Times Square, September 20 and 21. The event promises two days of information-packed sessions led by preeminent thought leaders and experts, focusing on four themes: Quantum Computing, HPC, Data Management, and AI — and critically, the ways in which those areas intersect and converge.

“This is the convergence paradigm and there is no fluff,” said Tom Tabor, industry observer and CEO of Tabor Communications. “This program is hyperfocused around the future and the convergence of HPC, AI, and data. This is one not to be missed.”

Here’s a snapshot of the HPC + AI on Wall Street agenda:

Sept. 20
8:30-8:45am  Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:45-9:45am  Morning Panel: Three Analysts and a Futurist: Lean In to the Realities of Quantum Computing
9:45-10:30am  Quantum Keynote, The Best Roadmap for Quantum Computing into a Classical Computing Environment
10:30-11:00am  Break + Exhibits
11:00-12:00pm  The Future of Quantum Technology at JP Morgan Chase
12:00-1:00pm  Panel: Quantum is Coming! A Conversation about its Many Implications for Finance
1:00-2:00pm   Lunch and HPC Keynote: Together We Advance FSI with HPC & AI Solutions
2:00-3:00pm  Break + Exhibits + 4 Lightning Presentations
3:00-4:00pm  Endless Memory: An Overview of CXL for FSI
4:00-5:00pm  Panel: Accelerators for FinServ: What’s Available and Which One is Right for Your Workload
5:00-6:00pm  Vendor Showdown with Intersect360 Research
6:00-7:30pm  Cocktail Reception

Sept. 21
8:30-9:45am   Top 10 Resources for Unlocking Big Data Value
9:45-10:30am  Data Management Keynote: Analytics Everywhere: How to Scale and Accelerate Your Data Science and AI in Capital Markets
10:30-11:00am Break + Exhibits
11:00-12:00pm Intelligent Searching Using Computation Storage and Neuromorphic Processing
12:00-1:00pm  Migrating Datalakes and Machine Learning to the Cloud
1:00-2:00pm   Building and Training Large Scale AI/ML Models for Operational Efficiency — Challenges and a Prescriptive Roadmap
2:00-3:00pm  Break + Exhibits + 4Lightning Presentations
3:00-4:00pm  Panel: The Tao of Open Source AI
4:00-5:00pm  Planning for AI Regulation and Ethics
5:00-6:00pm  Analyst Crossfire with Intersect360 Research
6:00-6:15pm   Closing Remarks and Raffle Drawing

Follow this link to view the full HPC +AI on Wall Street agenda.

Notable quotes from a few of the speakers:

“It’s relatively easy to catch up if you fall behind in a classical computing environment. If you fall behind in Quantum, it will be extremely difficult to catch up!” — Marco Pistoia, JPMorgan Chase

“HPC powers financial services, but quantum computing will provide vastly greater (competitive) advantages for those prepared for it.” — Jay Boisseau, Dell Technologies

“Rather than vilify interest in quantum as hype, let’s encourage sustained, thoughtful investment in the space.” — Alex Challans, The Quantum Insider

“Learn how you can gain from quantum computing, even without trashing your entire HPC infrastructure.” — Sam Mugel, PhD, Multiverse Computing

“Quantum computing will create financial opportunities measured not in billions or trillions, but in quadrillions and quintillions.” — William ‘whurley’ Hurley, Strangeworks

“It’s not about general purpose, it’s about generally-specialized. Accelerate the right things!” — Ryan Quick, Providentia Worldwide

“Hiding in the mounds of data is knowledge that could revolutionize your business. AI shows you how.” — Arti Garg, HPE

“Open Source solutions fuel adaptability and innovation, but are far from solving the problems of transparency in AI.” — Alexei Zhukov, EPAM

“They say data is the new oil, but AI is the refinery that transforms this raw resource into its more usable by-products.” — Bob Gaines, Intel

“AI remains a competitive advantage to organizations, but emerging ethical considerations are changing how we use it.” — Traci Gusher, EY (Ernst & Young)

“Quantum computing is a marathon race and we have only covered the first 300 yards.” – Bob Sorensen, Hyperion Research

Also speaking are Harvey Stein (Senior VP, Research Analytics and Methodology, Two Sigma); Steve Yatko (CEO, Oktay Technology); Dino Vitale (Distinguished Engineer, Infrastructure Technology Solutions Cloud Engineering Team, TD Bank Group); Heather West (Research Manager, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies, IDC); Dan Olds (Chief Research Officer, Intersect360 Research); Robert Hormuth (Corporate Vice President, Architecture and Strategy of the Data Center Solutions Group, AMD); Steve Scargall (CXL Consortium Member and Senior Product Manager & Software Architect, MemVerge); Aparna Prabhakar (Vice President Quantum Partner & Alliances, IBM); Alex Woodie (Managing Editor, Datanami); William Cunningham (Head of Quantum Software, Agnostiq); Thierry Pellegrino (SVP and President, Penguin Solutions); Kurt Kuckein (Vice President of Marketing, DDN); Marc Fisher (Solution Architect, Lenovo); Monica Livingston (Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence and Graphics Sales, Intel); Eric Hunter (Global Futurist, Head of Innovation Futures, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Bradford & Barthel, LLP) – and more.