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September 8, 2022

Google Cloud Bolsters Storage with New Options for Block, Object, and Backup

Google Cloud used today’s Spotlight on Storage event to unveil several new storage options for customers, including a new block storage offering called Hyperdisk, a new file store option for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and storage optimization feature for object storage called Autoclass, among other enhancements.

Google Cloud Hyperdisk is the next generation of the company’s persistent disk offering for block storage. The vendor says users can provision IOPS (inputs and outputs per second) and throughput independently for applications, while remaining adaptive to changing application performance needs over time.

The new Filestore Enterprise multishare for GKE is a new service that allows administrators to create a Filestore instance and allocate storage for it simultaneously across any number of GKE clusters. The cloud giant says the new service allows storage upgrades to occur in the background without any disruption. When combined with Backup for GKE, the Filestore Enterprise multishare for GKE feature makes it safe for companies to move their stateful workloads into GKE, Google Cloud says.

The new Google Cloud storage feature called Autoclass that will automatically optimize a customers’ object storage environment based on several criteria, thereby saving them money. This new feature will automatically move objects based on when it was last accessed or other policies to colder or warmer storage classes, the company says.

One fan of the new feature is Ian Mathews, co-founder of the data science platform Redivis. “Not only would it cost valuable engineering resources to build cost-optimization ourselves,” Mathews says in a Google press release, “but it would open us up to potentially costly mistakes in which we incur retrieval charges for prematurely archived data. Autoclass helps us reduce storage costs and achieve price predictability in a simple and automated way.”

Google Cloud also shipped Storage Insights, a new tool that gives customers useful information about their storage environment. The offering will help customers answer questions, such as how many objects they have stored and what storage buckets they’re located in.

Lastly, the Mountain View, California company announced Google Cloud Backup and DR, a new backup and recovery service that’s designed to work with cloud storage repositories, databases, and applications.

Google Cloud made the announcements at Spotlight on Storage, a customer storage event that was held today. You can see more from this event at this link.

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