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August 26, 2022

AWS Announces New Visual Embedding Feature for Amazon QuickSight

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AWS has announced a new feature called Fine-Grained Visual Embedding, powered by its cloud-based business intelligence service, Amazon QuickSight.

The new feature allows users to embed individual visualizations from QuickSight dashboards onto high-traffic webpages and applications in a streamlined process that does not require server or software setup or infrastructure management.

Embedded analytics provide near real-time data analysis and reporting capabilities and can give teams faster insights with higher quality data compared to traditional BI reporting methods. The embedded analytics market is set to reach over $60 million by 2023, according to a report from Allied Market Research.

The Amazon Quicksight service offers embedded analytics capabilities that allow users to incorporate branded analytics into internal portals or public sites, including interactive dashboards, natural language querying, or report authoring. It is a fully managed cloud-based service that the company says provides enterprise-grade security, global availability, and built-in redundancy.

An example view showing how a user can embed a visual using the new feature in a sample web application page. Source: AWS

Previous iterations of QuickSight’s embedding features required building, scaling, and maintaining generation layer and charting libraries in order to embed individual visualizations. According to Amazon, Fine-Grained Visual Embedding now gives developers and ISVs the ability to embed any visuals from dashboards into applications using APIs, and enterprises can embed visuals into their internal sites using the 1-Click Embedding feature, a tool built for nontechnical users.

If visuals are updated or source data changes, embedded visuals are automatically updated, and as website traffic grows, they are automatically scaled. Data access is secured by row-level security that ensures users can only access their own data.

Fine-Grained Visual Embedding is now available for Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition users in all supported regions. Detailed information is available on the documentation page.

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