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April 28, 2022

Qumulo Giving Away 1PB of Free Cloud Storage

Qumulo announced it has launched Cloud Now, a new program to help enterprises with moving to the cloud. Customers can create and test up to one petabyte of multi-cloud file storage using their preferred cloud at no cost, as well as “build a proof of concept at scale with no Qumulo licensing costs, no underlying cloud storage infrastructure costs, and a white-glove deployment experience.”

The Cloud Now program is aimed at removing potential barriers to cloud adoption like the costly management, storage, and scaling of rapidly growing unstructured data. Before purchasing services, Cloud Now allows customers to “build solutions across any supported cloud in production,” while avoiding common roadblocks.

In a company blog post, Devon Helms, director of product marketing, writes, “Despite 15 plus years as a destination for business workloads, cloud remains a new frontier for most organizations. Including the cloud as part of an IT infrastructure plan introduces new challenges and many organizations continue to be cautious with their cloud adoption.”

One major challenge is the current labor and supply chain shortages that are affecting data center hardware acquisition. Qumulo says that recent analyst reports show 40% of surveyed enterprises are moving their workloads to the cloud to alleviate supply chain issues, and Helms cites Gartner’s prediction that cloud spending will continue to grow by 20.7% CAGR from 2020 to 2025.

Since the Cloud Now program offers customers free Qumulo software licensing, customers can try the Qumulo Multi-Cloud file data platform which allows the choice of hardware platforms for either on-prem or private cloud deployment, or public cloud deployment using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud infrastructure. Users will also have access to the Qumulo Recover Q solution, a backup and disaster recovery second-site in the cloud.

Migrating to the cloud can feel risky, and Qumulo assures its customer support experience and ecosystem of experts in data migration and cloud infrastructure will be there to help customers with their cloud adoption transition for the duration of the program.

There are a few terms and conditions, including Cloud Now not being available to existing Qumulo customers but only to “participants seeking a proof of concept for an identified and mutually agreeable use case.” The program is available through Sept. 30, 2022.

“Today’s enterprises need to manage their data and keep their business moving forward. We believe every business should experience the benefits of cloud, which is why we are offering to build proof of concept environments for our customers free of charge in the cloud of their choice,” said Bill Richter, CEO at Qumulo. “The Cloud Now Program removes concerns of cost and infrastructure lock-in – something legacy vendors simply can’t do.”

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