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July 5, 2021

Matillion Named Snowflake Data Integration Partner of the Year for 2021

There are some milestones in Matillion’s growth that are unforgettable. Debuting Matillion ETL to the world at Amazon re:Invent. Gaining the support of valuable investors and partners on our journey. First recognition by the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Today, we celebrate another one of those milestones. We’re excited to announce that Matillion has been named as Snowflake’s Data Integration Partner of the Year for 2021.

Being named a Snowflake Partner of the Year is an enormous honor, and one that’s shared by some of the biggest, most successful, and most innovative companies in the technology industry. We are thrilled to be part of those ranks, to say the least.

Matillion and Snowflake: Fueling modern analytics in the Data Cloud

It’s no coincidence that Matillion’s growth over the last few years has mirrored Snowflake’s own explosive growth. Since the introduction of Matillion ETL for Snowflake, Matillion and Snowflake have worked closely together to help hundreds of enterprise customers, including Slack, Cisco, and Western Union, make data useful and put that useful, enriched data to work within the Snowflake Data Cloud. The powerful combination of the two platforms has helped customers reach new heights of productivity, innovation, and business success.

  • Slack reduced the time to develop a new report from six hours to 30 minutes.
  • DocuSign reduced their ETL run time by 72 percent.
  • Cisco reduced ETL application costs by 84 percent

Matillion also holds Elite Status and Technology Ready Validation in the Snowflake Partner Network, demonstrating the company’s support for Snowflake’s best practices around performance, reliability, and security.

A true data integration partnership

In an IDG Research MarketPulse survey, a majority of enterprise data professionals cited lack of scalability and flexibility as a challenge when preparing data for analytics. And data

professionals spend nearly half their time preparing data for analytics, even in the cloud. With Matillion and Snowflake, businesses can take advantage of the full power and capability of the Data Cloud with low-code design patterns and native push-down integrations to speed the development of crucial data workflows. Matillion products work on Snowflake’s platform to load, transform, and sync data for advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other innovative use cases.

Snowflake makes it easy to get started with Matillion. Both Matillion ETL and Matillion Data Loader are available right from Snowflake Partner Connect, enabling data teams to go from launch to live in minutes.

Thank you to Snowflake and our customers

While being named as Snowflake Data Integration Partner of the Year for 2021 is a huge honor, we didn’t get here by ourselves. Obviously, enormous thanks to Snowflake for recognizing the value of our technology within the Data Cloud, and our longstanding partnership. And thanks of course to our hundreds of joint customers (and counting) whose success is a testament to the powerful combination of Matillion and Snowflake.

Are you a Snowflake customer? See how Matillion ETL can help you do more in the Data Cloud in our free eBook. Get the eBook!