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April 15, 2021

Insightsoftware Loads Up on Embedded Analytics with Logi, Izenda Deals

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Insightsoftware, the acquisitive enterprise software vendor that purchased Logi Analytics earlier this month, is next acquiring Izenda, an embedded business intelligence specialist.

The buyer based in Raleigh, N.C., said Thursday (April 15) it would integrate Izenda’s platform with Logi’s to help users deliver insights within existing analytics applications.

Terms of the Izenda and Logi Analytics transactions were not disclosed. The deal for Atlanta-based Izenda is the latest in a string of at least 10 deals by Insightsoftware. The company focuses primarily on financial reporting and enterprise performance management software, but has been doubling down on business intelligence and embedded analytics during its recent acquisition binge.

Those and other deals are intended to expand Insightsoftware’s embedded analytics capabilities as an upgrade over traditional business intelligence and data discovery tools. The company said the low-code embedded analytics development tools acquired from Izenda and Logi would augment its analytics and operational reporting portfolio.

“Acquiring Logi Analytics a few weeks ago was a big step in this direction,” said Jim Triandiflou, Insightsoftware’s CEO. “Adding Izenda furthers our position with over 2,400 application teams around the world.”

Embedded analytics technology is used, for instance, to integrate charts, reports, dashboards and self-service exploration into enterprise systems. Embedded tools also are promoted as accelerating the steady shift toward self-service analytics, helping users find their own new data sources, for example.

The combined portfolios of Izenda and Logi Analytics would help users embed dashboards, reporting tools and visualizations into their applications, the company said. Izenda previously added document-oriented databases from MongoDB and Elasticsearch to its platform as data sources.

Two short years ago, it was Logi Analytics doing the buying when it acquired Jinfonet Software, developer of a Java-based architecture used to embed interactive dashboards and reports into web and other enterprise applications. At the time, Logi claimed to be “the dominant provider exclusively focused on embedded analytics.”

The northern Virginia company has been among the leaders in embedding data visualization and other analytics tools into web and mobile applications.

“The world of embedded analytics is growing quickly and has fundamentally improved how business teams digest and analyze data,” said Izenda CEO Christopher Carter.

“Joining forces with Logi Analytics opens up new opportunities to have a greater impact on our customers and business teams around the world, helping them get more out of their data to make better-informed decisions,” Carter added.

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