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October 22, 2020

Domo Launches Election Tracker Comparing 2016, 2020 Polling Data

Earlier this year, business intelligence firm Domo nimbly responded to current events by launching the Domo Coronavirus Tracker, which continues to offer near-real time analytics on COVID-19 cases and deaths across the country and the world. Now, Domo has launched another tracker for another matter of national concern: the 2020 general election. 

As Domo began to dive into election tracking, they asked two key questions: first, how could the public better understand the relationships between 2020 poll numbers and 2016 polling discrepancies; and second, how could the team share those insights alongside data from its coronavirus tracker?

The Domo team leveraged its ETL tools to blend polling data from FiveThirtyEight, political campaign contribution data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and coronavirus data from its own Coronavirus Tracker, processing and visualizing the results to create the Election Tracker. The Election Tracker offers a snapshot of all 50 states, showing comparisons between the two candidates’ poll numbers over the last two weeks – and the last cycle’s candidates during the corresponding two-week period in 2016. The snapshot also marks whichever candidate has seen the greatest polling improvement over that period.

A snapshot of battleground state polling on Domo’s Election Tracker. Image courtesy of Domo.

The Election Tracker – which is updated on an hourly basis – translates those poll numbers into electoral vote breakdowns across both election cycles and charts them across 2020, supplementing that data with information on individual contributions to each candidate. Users can sort these numbers by state, and doing so also presents the user with historical information on daily COVID-19 cases, daily COVID-19 deaths, and unemployment claims in the selected state.

“The Domo platform was designed to encourage and empower data curiosity and exploration. Domo’s work with the Coronavirus Tracker has shown the power of smart data insights shared with the public and our customer base, and the Election Tracker is an extension of the work Domo has done around the state of 2020. By taking static data around polling, campaign contributions and COVID-19 activity, Domo brings that data together in a consumable, intuitive and accessible format. It is our hope that users can interact with this data with curiosity, creativity and objectivity,” said Ben Schein, vice president of data curiosity at Domo.

Domo also offers up the data behind the Election Tracker’s analytics. In the tool’s Data Explorer view, users can view and export historical data on the national or state levels, producing their own visualizations of 2020 election data and coronavirus data. 

To access Domo’s Coronavirus Tracker, click here.

To access Domo’s Election Tracker, click here.

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