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September 4, 2020

Interactive Memory Service Leverages AI

StoryFile offers a somewhat unique service that seems poised to look like something out of Black Mirror. The company – a relative newcomer – helps people to record themselves telling their stories, then presents those stories in an interactive, voice-activated interface. Users can ask the digital storytellers questions, which are interpreted by the StoryFile app and answered with snippets from their recorded stories. Now, StoryFile is announcing that it has acquired a new portfolio of patents covering the use of AI in creating “artificially intelligent interactive memories.”

StoryFile began with a greenscreen studio and select guests, including Nobel laureates, astronauts, Holocaust survivors, and many others. Since its debut, it has expanded to launch a mobile app and even present its stories via interactive hologram. In early 2021, StoryFile plans to launch “StoryFile Life,” which will allow users to create their own interactive memories using their phones or computers.

StoryFile’s new acquisition includes U.S. Patent Nos. 9,582,762 and 10,579,921 for “Devices, systems, and methods for learning and using artificially intelligent interactive memories,” as well as two continuation patent applications. The portfolio was created by Jay Cosic of AwareGen, a company that “focuses on inventing foundational breakthrough technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, video, and VR/AR/MR.” According to Casic, the portfolio is well-suited for helping Storyfile to broaden its consumer reach.

“The portfolio will enable StoryFile to expand into the mass consumer market of users of video chat applications such as Skype, FaceTime, and Viber and personal assistants such as Echo/Alexa, Apple HomePod, Google Home, Siri, and Cortana, putting StoryFile on the radar screen of the largest tech companies,” Casic said.

“We are thrilled to add this artificial intelligence patent portfolio to StoryFile’s resources and technology, as it complements our interactive capabilities for the preservation of people’s life stories,” added Heather Smith, CEO of StoryFile. “StoryFile’s innovative and proprietary technology allows people to engage and connect on a personal level and in a way that puts the powers in the hand of the storyteller, literally. StoryFile is ushering in a new wave of storytelling, preserving history, and creating new connections between people.  We look forward to sharing more updates in the near future, as we continue to make StoryFile accessible globally.”

Header image: the StoryFile studio.