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August 19, 2020

ScyllaDB Announces Scylla Enterprise 2020

ScyllaDB, the company behind the popular Scylla NoSQL database for real-time big data workloads, has announced the latest version of its enterprise-grade product: Scylla Enterprise 2020. The new release, which ScyllaDB says “offers the highest level of performance, scale, security, and availability,” offers a variety of new capabilities, ranging from a DynamoDB-compatible API to change data tracking.

Scylla Enterprise 2020 arrives warm – if not hot – on the heels of Scylla Open Source 4.0, which was announced in May of this year. In the intervening three months, ScyllaDB has been fine-tuning the open source release, preparing for the launch of their new enterprise product. “After 5,568 commits from five open source releases, we’re excited to now move forward with Scylla Enterprise 2020,” said Dor Laor, CEO and co-founder of ScyllaDB. 

The new capabilities in Scylla Enterprise 2020 will look slightly familiar to followers of the open-source iteration. The flagship change is the implementation of Alternator, an Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API aimed at converting DynamoDB customers to the Scylla ecosystem without changing any code. ScyllaDB is also stressing performance comparisons with DynamoDB, highlighting benchmarks that show Scylla coming in at an eighth of the cost-per-workload of its Amazonian competitor. 

“Our superior performance and lower total cost of ownership have led so many Cassandra users to migrate to Scylla, and we now expect the same shift from users of Amazon DynamoDB,” Laor said. “Developers don’t want to be locked into a single platform, especially one that’s so expensive.”

Other major additions include lightweight transactions for ensuring data consistency, enhancements to the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) implementation, and the ability to track changes in data. The list goes on:

  • Incremental Compaction Strategy to get the most out of your infrastructure
  • Local (in addition to global) secondary indexes that provide data flexibility
  • IPv6 support to expanded network address space
  • Encryption at Rest, including local, replicated and KMIP providers
  • Large Cell/Collection Detector to proactively find problematic anomalies in your
  • database
  • Nodetool TopPartitions to identify the top “hot” partitions
  • MC SSTable format for more efficient storage
  • Row-level repair to provide a fast, granular anti-entropy mechanism
  • Support for AWS i3en “meganode” servers with up to 60TB/node
  • Improved CQL server admission control
  • New deployment options for Debian 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, CentOS 8

It’s a big summer for databases, with Apache Cassandra also receiving a major upgrade – its first in three years – in late July. The 4.0 release of Cassandra includes more than a thousand bug fixes, better monitoring of system metrics, and new performance analysis tools.

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